Texas Legislature
Bills Authored / Joint Authored
Rep. Kyle Biedermann
87th Legislature Regular Session
Report Date: 6/21/2021

Number of Bills: 11

Report Sections: Authored Bills | Joint Authored Bills

Author (8):
HB 1238 Author: Biedermann | White
Last Action: 03/26/2021 H Left pending in committee
Caption: Relating to provisions governing the carrying of a firearm by a person who is not otherwise prohibited by state or federal law from possessing the firearm and to other provisions related to the carrying, possessing, transporting, or storing of a firearm.

HB 1359 Author: Biedermann | White
Last Action: 03/05/2021 H Referred to State Affairs: Mar 5 2021 1:21PM
Caption: Relating to proposing a referendum to the people of the State of Texas on the question of whether this state should leave the United States of America and establish an independent republic.

HB 2866 Author: Biedermann
Last Action: 03/18/2021 H Referred to Culture, Recreation & Tourism: Mar 18 2021 10:52AM
Caption: Relating to the preservation, maintenance, and restoration of the Alamo Cenotaph; granting the power of eminent domain.

HB 3013 Author: Biedermann | Krause | Burns
Last Action: 05/17/2021 S Received from the House
Caption: Relating to displays and exhibits located on the grounds of the Alamo complex.

HB 3883 Author: Biedermann
Last Action: 04/13/2021 H Failed to receive affirmative vote in comm.
Caption: Relating to development regulations for certain unincorporated areas located within the Hill Country Priority Groundwater Management Area; authorizing a fee; authorizing a civil penalty; creating a criminal offense.

HB 3884 Author: Biedermann
Last Action: 03/24/2021 H Referred to Land & Resource Management: Mar 24 2021 11:23AM
Caption: Relating to the authority of a county to regulate lot frontages on certain roads.

HB 4341 Author: Biedermann
Last Action: 03/29/2021 H Referred to Environmental Regulation: Mar 29 2021 11:47AM
Caption: Relating to the transfer of the regulation of aggregate production operations from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to the Railroad Commission of Texas on delegation by the United States Environmental Protection Agency; authorizing a fee; providing administrative penalties and other civil remedies; creating criminal offenses.

HB 4461 Author: Biedermann
Last Action: 03/29/2021 H Referred to State Affairs: Mar 29 2021 11:47AM
Caption: Relating to the creation of a fund to pay for border security enhancement projects; allocating the earnings on the balance of that fund and reimbursement of related expenditures.

Joint Author (3):
HB 2701 Author: Slaton | Guillen | Biedermann | Raymond
Sponsor: Hall
Last Action: 05/21/2021 S Committee report printed and distributed: May 21 2021 10:43PM
Caption: Relating to the requirement that individuals joining the Texas National Guard sign a notice regarding active combat duty.

HB 3314 Author: Cain | Middleton | Krause | Biedermann
Last Action: 04/20/2021 H Left pending in committee
Caption: Relating to toll collection and enforcement by toll project entities; authorizing an administrative fee; imposing a civil penalty.

HB 3641 Author: Slaton | Cason | Cain | Vasut | Biedermann
Last Action: 03/22/2021 H Referred to State Affairs: Mar 22 2021 11:25AM
Caption: Relating to declaring void certain federal court decisions related to abortion and prohibiting cooperation with the enforcement of those decisions; creating a private cause of action; creating a criminal offense.

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