Texas Legislature
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Rep. Yvonne Davis
86th Legislature Regular Session
Report Date: 9/29/2020

Number of Bills: 1

Joint Sponsor (1):
SB 20 Author: Huffman | Alvarado | Bettencourt | Campbell | Flores | et al.
Sponsor: Thompson, Senfronia | Krause | Collier | White | Davis, Yvonne
Last Action: 06/04/2019 E Effective on 9/1/19
Caption: Relating to the prevention of, reporting regarding, investigation of, prosecution of, criminal and civil penalties for, and other consequences of prostitution, trafficking of persons, and related criminal offenses, to treatment, services, and compensation available to victims of those offenses, and to orders of nondisclosure for certain persons who are victims of certain of those offenses.

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