Texas Legislature
Bills Coauthored
Rep. Donna Howard
79th Legislature Third Called Session
Report Date: 5/23/2018

Number of Bills: 8

HB 47 Author: Hughes | Kolkhorst | Strama | Anderson | Miller
Coauthor: Bonnen | Cook, Robby | Howard, Donna | Phillips | Rodriguez
Last Action: 04/18/2006 H Referred to Agriculture and Livestock
Caption: Relating to prohibiting mandatory participation in an animal identification system.

HB 57 Author: Branch | Grusendorf | Morrison
Coauthor: Howard, Donna
Last Action: 05/04/2006 H Left pending in committee
Caption: Relating to high school programs and the advancement of college-readiness in secondary schools and institutions of higher education.

HB 73 Author: Eiland | McCall | Flynn | Bonnen
Coauthor: Anderson | Bohac | Brown, Betty | Cook, Robby | Crabb | et al.
Last Action: 05/09/2006 H Committee report sent to Calendars
Caption: Relating to public financing of the public education employee retirement system and certain retirement benefits; making an appropriation.

HB 110 Author: Villarreal | Strama
Coauthor: Hodge | Howard, Donna
Last Action: 05/01/2006 H Referred to Elections
Caption: Relating to limits on political contributions and direct campaign expenditures by individuals; providing civil and criminal penalties.

HB 120 Author: Martinez Fischer
Coauthor: Allen, Alma | Alonzo | Anchia | Castro | Chavez | et al.
Last Action: 05/01/2006 H Referred to Ways & Means
Caption: Relating to a temporary reduction in the rate imposed on the sale of gasoline.

HB 174 Author: Turner
Coauthor: Allen, Alma | Alonzo | Anchia | Bailey | Chavez | et al.
Last Action: 05/11/2006 H Referred to Appropriations
Caption: Relating to temporary eligibility requirements for and administration of the child health plan program.

HCR 43 Author: Berman
Coauthor: Anderson | Brown, Fred | Cook, Byron | Delisi | Escobar | et al.
Last Action: 05/12/2006 H Committee report sent to Calendars
Caption: Urging Congress to enact the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Visitor Center Deadline Act.

HJR 15 Author: Solomons | Pitts | Eissler | Branch | Keffer, Jim
Coauthor: Anderson | Bonnen | Brown, Fred | Callegari | Campbell | et al.
Last Action: 04/17/2006 H Referred to Ways & Means
Caption: Proposing a constitutional amendment requiring the state to pay at least 50 percent of the cost of maintaining and operating the public school system and prohibiting the comptroller from certifying legislation containing an appropriation unless the requirement is met.

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