Texas Legislature
Bills Coauthored
Sen. Kenneth Armbrister
79th Legislature Regular Session
Report Date: 6/22/2018

Number of Bills: 9

SB 59 Author: Averitt
Coauthor: Eltife | Carona | Seliger | Zaffirini | Harris | et al.
Last Action: 01/31/2005 S Referred to Health & Human Services
Caption: Relating to eligibility for and the administration of the child health plan program.

SB 107 Author: Estes
Coauthor: Williams | Deuell | Janek | Shapiro | Averitt | et al.
Sponsor: Berman | Driver | Flynn | Phillips | Madden
Last Action: 05/22/2005 H Corrected committee report sent to Calendars
Caption: Relating to the civil and criminal consequences of engaging in certain conduct related to the manufacture of methamphetamine and to the distribution and retail sales of pseudoephedrine; providing penalties.

SB 340 Author: Whitmire
Coauthor: Barrientos | Armbrister | Averitt | Brimer | Carona | et al.
Last Action: 03/01/2005 S Not again placed on intent calendar
Caption: Relating to the authority of a municipality to require the removal of certain vehicles from a freeway without the consent of the owner or person in charge of the vehicle.

SB 604 Author: Ellis
Coauthor: Duncan | Armbrister | Lucio | Shapleigh | Whitmire | et al.
Last Action: 05/21/2005 S Not again placed on intent calendar
Caption: Relating to a qualified privilege of a journalist not to testify.

SB 1212 Author: West, Royce
Coauthor: Van de Putte | Gallegos | Ellis | Armbrister
Last Action: 03/21/2005 S Referred to Health & Human Services
Caption: Relating to prescription drugs under the Medicaid vendor drug program and other state health and human services programs.

SB 1577 Author: Williams
Coauthor: Armbrister | Carona | Lucio | Brimer | Deuell | et al.
Last Action: 03/22/2005 S Referred to State Affairs
Caption: Relating to coercing a woman to have an abortion and parental notification of abortion; creating offenses.

SB 1695 Author: Duncan
Coauthor: Armbrister | Lindsay
Last Action: 03/30/2005 S Referred to Finance
Caption: Relating to the amount of the annual constitutional appropriation to certain agencies and institutions of higher education and to the allocation of those funds to those agencies and institutions.

SB 1845 Author: Deuell
Coauthor: Armbrister | Eltife | Nelson | Seliger | Van de Putte | et al.
Last Action: 04/25/2005 S No action taken in committee
Caption: Relating to audit practices of pharmacy benefit plans.

SR 82 Author: Barrientos
Coauthor: Armbrister | Duncan | Harris
Last Action: 02/08/2005 S Reported enrolled
Caption: Recognizing February 8, 2005, as Kidney Day at the Capitol.

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