Texas Legislature
Bills Coauthored
Sen. Troy Fraser
79th Legislature Regular Session
Report Date: 7/17/2018

Number of Bills: 9

SB 14 Author: Jackson, Mike
Coauthor: Lucio | Fraser
Sponsor: Smithee
Last Action: 06/17/2005 E Effective on 9/1/05
Caption: Relating to rates for certain property and casualty insurance and regulation of insurer market conduct.

SB 340 Author: Whitmire
Coauthor: Barrientos | Armbrister | Averitt | Brimer | Carona | et al.
Last Action: 03/01/2005 S Not again placed on intent calendar
Caption: Relating to the authority of a municipality to require the removal of certain vehicles from a freeway without the consent of the owner or person in charge of the vehicle.

SB 831 Author: Shapiro | Armbrister | Brimer | Carona | Deuell | et al.
Coauthor: Van de Putte | Fraser | Zaffirini | West, Royce
Sponsor: Morrison
Last Action: 05/22/2005 H Committee report sent to Calendars
Caption: Relating to the creation of programs and funding for emerging technology industries.

SB 943 Author: Armbrister
Coauthor: Lucio | Carona | Eltife | Fraser | Nelson
Last Action: 05/19/2005 S Left pending in committee
Caption: Relating to the regulation of the cloning of human beings; providing penalties.

SB 1016 Author: Deuell
Coauthor: Lucio | Carona | Eltife | Fraser | Nelson | et al.
Last Action: 03/14/2005 S Referred to State Affairs
Caption: Relating to the right of health care facilities, health insurers, and health care providers to object to providing or participating in the provision of certain procedures.

SB 1186 Author: Nelson
Coauthor: Fraser
Sponsor: Guillen | Noriega, Melissa
Last Action: 06/17/2005 E See remarks for effective date
Caption: Relating to the effect that certain orders relating to family violence and certain decisions regarding military service have on residential leases; providing civil penalties.

SB 1381 Author: Shapiro
Coauthor: Carona | Lucio | Brimer | Eltife | Fraser | et al.
Last Action: 03/21/2005 S Referred to State Affairs
Caption: Relating to the reporting of abortion; creating an offense.

SB 1577 Author: Williams
Coauthor: Armbrister | Carona | Lucio | Brimer | Deuell | et al.
Last Action: 03/22/2005 S Referred to State Affairs
Caption: Relating to coercing a woman to have an abortion and parental notification of abortion; creating offenses.

SB 1845 Author: Deuell
Coauthor: Armbrister | Eltife | Nelson | Seliger | Van de Putte | et al.
Last Action: 04/25/2005 S No action taken in committee
Caption: Relating to audit practices of pharmacy benefit plans.

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