Texas Legislature
Bills Cosponsored
Sen. Charles Schwertner
84th Legislature Regular Session
Report Date: 6/21/2018

Number of Bills: 6

HB 39 Author: Smithee | Naishtat
Sponsor: Zaffirini
Cosponsor: Schwertner
Last Action: 05/29/2015 E Effective on 9/1/15
Caption: Relating to guardianships for incapacitated persons and to substitutes for guardianships for certain adults with disabilities.

HB 984 Author: Deshotel | Parker | Riddle | Keffer | Thompson, Senfronia
Sponsor: Creighton
Cosponsor: Perry | Taylor, Larry | Seliger | Birdwell | Bettencourt | et al.
Last Action: 05/27/2015 S Co-sponsor authorized
Caption: Relating to birth records of adopted persons; authorizing a fee.

HB 1628 Author: Johnson, Eric | Kuempel | Lucio III | Capriglione | Longoria
Sponsor: Rodríguez
Cosponsor: Schwertner
Last Action: 06/20/2015 E Vetoed by the Governor
Caption: Relating to authorizing a credit union or other financial institution to conduct savings promotion raffles.

HB 2390 Author: Bohac
Sponsor: Creighton
Cosponsor: Schwertner
Last Action: 06/17/2015 E Effective on 9/1/15
Caption: Relating to civil liability arising from an employee wellness program.

HB 3185 Author: Raney
Sponsor: Lucio
Cosponsor: Schwertner
Last Action: 05/29/2015 E Effective immediately
Caption: Relating to the creation and operations of health care provider participation programs in certain counties.

HB 3994 Author: Morrison | Bonnen, Greg | King, Phil | Krause | Simmons
Sponsor: Perry
Cosponsor: Bettencourt | Campbell | Taylor, Van | Creighton | Huffines | et al.
Last Action: 06/12/2015 E Effective on 1/1/16
Caption: Relating to notice of and consent to an abortion for a minor and associated requirements; amending provisions subject to a criminal penalty.

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