Texas Legislature
Bills Sponsored / Joint Sponsored
Rep. Roberto R. Alonzo
84th Legislature Regular Session
Report Date: 4/19/2018

Number of Bills: 7

Report Sections: Sponsored Bills | Joint Sponsored Bills

Sponsor (1):
SB 662 Author: Rodríguez
Sponsor: Alonzo
Last Action: 06/16/2015 E Effective immediately
Caption: Relating to the representation of certain indigent applicants for a writ of habeas corpus.

Joint Sponsor (6):
SB 19 Author: Taylor, Van
Sponsor: Cook | Harless | Oliveira | Thompson, Senfronia | Alonzo
Last Action: 05/29/2015 S House appoints conferees-reported
Caption: Relating to the ethics of public officers and employees, the disclosure of certain political contributions, and related requirements and procedures; creating criminal offenses.

SB 130 Author: West
Sponsor: Canales | Alonzo
Last Action: 06/20/2015 E Vetoed by the Governor
Caption: Relating to the eligibility of criminal defendants for an order of nondisclosure; authorizing a fee.

SB 459 Author: Lucio
Sponsor: Alvarado | Alonzo
Last Action: 06/18/2015 E Effective on 9/1/15
Caption: Relating to the creation of the Advisory Council on Cultural Affairs in the office of the governor.

SB 1465 Author: Watson
Sponsor: Phillips | Alonzo
Last Action: 06/18/2015 E Effective immediately
Caption: Relating to creating limited purpose disaster declaration authority for the governor and a search and rescue task force in each disaster field response region.

SB 1940 Author: Huffman
Sponsor: Flynn | Alonzo | Paul | Hernandez | Stephenson
Last Action: 06/19/2015 E Effective immediately
Caption: Relating to the creation of a joint interim committee to undertake a study of health benefit plans administered by the Teacher Retirement System of Texas.

SCR 9 Author: Hancock
Sponsor: Geren | Alonzo
Last Action: 05/29/2015 E Filed with the Secretary of State
Caption: Authorizing the lieutenant governor and speaker to appoint interim joint committees.

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