Texas Legislature
Bills Coauthored
Rep. Ryan Guillen
85th Legislature First Called Session
Report Date: 9/16/2019

Number of Bills: 11

HB 9 Author: Burkett | Davis, Sarah | Morrison, Geanie W. | Klick | Walle
Coauthor: Alonzo | Alvarado | Anderson, Charles "Doc" | Anderson, Rodney | Arévalo | et al.
Last Action: 08/01/2017 S Referred to Health & Human Services
Caption: Relating to maternal health and safety, pregnancy-related deaths, and maternal morbidity, including postpartum depression.

HB 11 Author: Thierry | Thompson, Senfronia | Zerwas | Collier
Coauthor: Allen | Alonzo | Arévalo | Bailes | Bonnen, Dennis | et al.
Last Action: 08/03/2017 S Received from the House
Caption: Relating to pregnancy-related deaths and maternal morbidity, including postpartum depression.

HB 20 Author: Ashby | Darby | VanDeaver | Zerwas | Howard
Coauthor: Alonzo | Anderson, Rodney | Arévalo | Bailes | Bell | et al.
Last Action: 08/03/2017 S Received from the House
Caption: Relating to an appropriation of money from the economic stabilization fund to decrease participants' health insurance costs for certain health benefit plans administered by the Teacher Retirement System of Texas.

HB 21 Author: Huberty | Zerwas | Bernal
Coauthor: Allen | Anderson, Rodney | Arévalo | Bohac | Bonnen, Dennis | et al.
Sponsor: Taylor, Larry
Last Action: 08/16/2017 E See remarks for effective date
Caption: Relating to public school finance, including funding for the recruitment and retention of teachers and the support of participants in the public school employees group insurance program.

HB 25 Author: Davis, Sarah | Price | Guerra | Darby | Krause
Coauthor: Allen | Alonzo | Alvarado | Anchia | Anderson, Charles "Doc" | et al.
Last Action: 08/07/2017 S Received from the House
Caption: Relating to reimbursement rates for Medicaid acute care therapy services; making an appropriation.

HB 28 Author: Ortega | Klick | Howard | Burkett | Neave
Coauthor: Blanco | Collier | Farrar | Giddings | Guillen | et al.
Last Action: 08/01/2017 S Received from the House
Caption: Relating to the membership of the Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Task Force.

HB 32 Author: Bonnen, Dennis | Shine | Raymond | Murphy | Darby
Coauthor: Allen | Anderson, Charles "Doc" | Arévalo | Bell | Bernal | et al.
Sponsor: Bettencourt
Last Action: 08/14/2017 S Postponed
Caption: Relating to the administration of the ad valorem tax system; authorizing fees.

HB 104 Author: Thompson, Senfronia | Reynolds
Coauthor: Alonzo | Guillen | Howard
Last Action: 07/20/2017 H Referred to Business & Industry: Jul 20 2017 10:40AM
Caption: Relating to unlawful employment practices regarding discrimination in payment of compensation.

HB 194 Author: Ashby | Darby | VanDeaver | Cook | Springer
Coauthor: Bonnen, Dennis | Dean | Guillen | Hefner | Price | et al.
Last Action: 07/24/2017 H Left pending in committee
Caption: Relating to the small-sized district adjustment under the Foundation School Program.

HB 367 Author: Capriglione | Koop | Zerwas | Simmons | Howard
Coauthor: Burrows | Darby | Fallon | Guillen
Last Action: 08/14/2017 S Received from the House
Caption: Relating to the deposit of money received from the federal government and the authority of the comptroller concerning related funds and accounts.

HJR 31 Author: Shine | Darby | Burns | Ashby | Cook
Coauthor: Anderson, Charles "Doc" | Anderson, Rodney | Bell | Bohac | Burkett | et al.
Last Action: 08/09/2017 H Corrected committee report sent to Calendars
Caption: Proposing a constitutional amendment to restrict the power of the legislature to mandate unfunded costs and requirements on a municipality, county, or school district.

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