Texas Legislature
Bills Authored / Joint Authored
Rep. Tony Tinderholt
85th Legislature Regular Session
Report Date: 5/25/2020

Number of Bills: 16

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Author (12):
HB 407 Author: Tinderholt
Last Action: 02/23/2017 H Referred to State Affairs: Feb 23 2017 11:53AM
Caption: Relating to protection of the electric power transmission and distribution system.

HB 948 Author: Tinderholt
Last Action: 02/21/2017 H Referred to State Affairs: Feb 21 2017 12:03PM
Caption: Relating to prohibiting abortion and recognizing the rights, powers, and privileges of all unborn children at every stage of gestation from fertilization until birth; affecting criminal offenses and penalties.

HB 1871 Author: Tinderholt
Last Action: 03/09/2017 H Referred to Human Services: Mar 9 2017 4:13PM
Caption: Relating to a person's eligibility for Medicaid.

HB 2709 Author: Tinderholt
Last Action: 03/28/2017 H Referred to State Affairs: Mar 28 2017 1:43PM
Caption: Relating to a study conducted by the Texas Education Agency on the financial costs of providing educational services to persons who are not lawfully present in the United States.

HB 4001 Author: Tinderholt
Last Action: 03/31/2017 H Referred to Ways & Means: Mar 31 2017 5:35PM
Caption: Relating to the confidentiality of certain home address information in ad valorem tax appraisal records.

HB 4003 Author: Tinderholt
Last Action: 04/25/2017 H Left pending in committee
Caption: Relating to a central database containing information about defendants required to have an ignition interlock device installed on a vehicle and local law enforcement access to that database through a mobile data terminal.

HB 4004 Author: Tinderholt
Last Action: 03/31/2017 H Referred to Public Education: Mar 31 2017 5:35PM
Caption: Relating to verification of eligibility for the school lunch program.

HR 1056 Author: Tinderholt
Last Action: 04/03/2017 H Reported enrolled: Apr 3 2017 11:13AM
Caption: Congratulating Jeffrey Patrick Morris on his service as state chair of the Young Conservatives of Texas.

HR 1194 Author: Tinderholt
Last Action: 04/24/2017 H Reported enrolled: Apr 24 2017 10:20AM
Caption: Congratulating Chief Don Crowson of the Arlington Fire Department on his receipt of a 2017 Dr. Nathan Davis Award for Outstanding Government Service from the American Medical Association.

HR 1486 Author: Tinderholt
Last Action: 05/10/2017 H Reported enrolled: May 10 2017 6:19PM
Caption: Congratulating John Gregory Webb of Fort Worth on his retirement from the office of the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.

HR 1646 Author: Tinderholt
Last Action: 05/11/2017 H Reported enrolled: May 11 2017 5:28PM
Caption: In memory of the Reverend Harvey E. Penley of Haltom City.

HR 2406 Author: Tinderholt
Last Action: 05/30/2017 H Reported enrolled: May 30 2017 4:05PM
Caption: In memory of Clayton David Winkles of Arlington.

Joint Author (4):
HB 2302 Author: Blanco | Tinderholt
Last Action: 05/02/2017 H Committee report sent to Calendars
Caption: Relating to providing an opportunity for public high school students in grades 10 through 12 to take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test or an alternative vocational aptitude test.

HJR 123 Author: Krause | Burrows | Schaefer | Tinderholt
Last Action: 03/31/2017 H Referred to State Affairs: Mar 31 2017 4:30PM
Caption: Proposing a constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right to life of unborn children and prohibiting abortion to the fullest extent possible.

HR 1180 Author: Vo | Tinderholt | Button
Last Action: 04/03/2017 H Reported enrolled: Apr 3 2017 2:48PM
Caption: Recognizing March 30, 2017, as Vietnamese American Day at the State Capitol.

HR 1377 Author: Turner | Tinderholt | Krause | Stickland | Zedler
Last Action: 05/04/2017 H Reported enrolled: May 4 2017 11:18AM
Caption: Congratulating Dr. Marcelo Cavazos on being named the 2016 Superintendent of the Year by the Texas Association of School Boards.

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