Texas Legislature
Bills Sponsored / Joint Sponsored
Rep. Celia Israel
85th Legislature Regular Session
Report Date: 9/20/2019

Number of Bills: 3

Report Sections: Sponsored Bills | Joint Sponsored Bills

Sponsor (2):
SB 769 Author: Watson
Sponsor: Israel
Last Action: 06/09/2017 E Effective on 9/1/17
Caption: Relating to the issuance of specialty license plates for recipients of the Combat Medical Badge.

SB 988 Author: Zaffirini
Sponsor: Israel
Last Action: 05/10/2017 E Effective immediately
Caption: Relating to the participation of a county judge in a meeting of a commissioners court conducted by videoconference call.

Joint Sponsor (1):
SB 1666 Author: Huffman
Sponsor: Laubenberg | Israel
Last Action: 05/25/2017 S House passage as amended reported
Caption: Relating to the conduct of primary elections and certain other election practices; increasing a criminal penalty; creating criminal offenses.

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