Texas Legislature
Bills Authored / Joint Authored
Rep. Lynn Stucky
86th Legislature Regular Session
Report Date: 2/16/2019

Number of Bills: 8

Report Sections: Authored Bills | Joint Authored Bills

Author (7):
HB 747 Author: Stucky
Last Action: 01/11/2019 H Filed
Caption: Relating to the authority of certain municipalities to propose a fire control, prevention, and emergency medical services district.

HB 951 Author: Stucky
Last Action: 01/22/2019 H Filed
Caption: Relating to a common characteristic or use project in a public improvement district in certain municipalities.

HB 1085 Author: Stucky
Last Action: 01/25/2019 H Filed
Caption: Relating to the applicability of certain handgun laws to certain associate judges.

HB 1127 Author: Stucky
Last Action: 01/28/2019 H Filed
Caption: Relating to the places where an active judicial officer may carry a concealed handgun if the officer is licensed to carry a handgun.

HB 1891 Author: Stucky
Last Action: 02/15/2019 H Filed
Caption: Relating to an exemption from the assessment requirements of the Texas Success Initiative for students who achieve certain scores on certain high school equivalency examinations.

HR 199 Author: Stucky
Last Action: 02/04/2019 H Filed
Caption: Recognizing February 20, 2019, as Denton County Day at the State Capitol.

HR 200 Author: Stucky
Last Action: 02/13/2019 H Referred to Resolutions Calendars: Feb 13 2019 12:10PM
Caption: Recognizing May 4, 2019, as State Lineman Appreciation Day in Texas.

Joint Author (1):
HB 672 Author: Rodriguez | Morrison | Deshotel | Stucky
Last Action: 01/07/2019 H Filed
Caption: Relating to the sale of ale and beer by certain brewers and manufacturers to ultimate consumers for consumption off the brewers' or manufacturers' premises.

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