Texas Legislature
Bills Coauthored
Sen. Brian Birdwell
86th Legislature Regular Session
Report Date: 10/18/2019

Number of Bills: 22

SB 2 Author: Bettencourt | Creighton | Hancock | Paxton | Taylor
Coauthor: Flores | Campbell | Fallon | Hall | Birdwell | et al.
Sponsor: Burrows
Last Action: 06/12/2019 E See remarks for effective date
Caption: Relating to ad valorem taxation; authorizing fees.

SB 3 Author: Nelson
Coauthor: Hughes | Hinojosa | Buckingham | West | Kolkhorst | et al.
Last Action: 03/28/2019 H Referred to Public Education: Mar 28 2019 12:30AM
Caption: Relating to additional funding to school districts for classroom teacher and librarian salaries.

SB 13 Author: Creighton
Coauthor: Hall | Birdwell | Bettencourt | Fallon
Last Action: 05/13/2019 H Left pending in committee
Caption: Relating to restrictions on lobbying; creating a criminal offense.

SB 17 Author: Perry
Coauthor: Birdwell | Bettencourt | Hall | Creighton | Lucio | et al.
Last Action: 04/04/2019 H Referred to State Affairs: Apr 4 2019 12:07PM
Caption: Relating to discrimination by a state agency against an applicant for or holder of an occupational license.

SB 23 Author: Kolkhorst | Buckingham | Campbell | Huffman | Nelson | et al.
Coauthor: Perry | Lucio | Hall | Bettencourt | Creighton | et al.
Last Action: 04/23/2019 H Referred to Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence: Apr 23 2019 6:25PM
Caption: Relating to enforcement of the rights of a living child born after an abortion; creating a civil cause of action; creating a criminal offense.

SB 24 Author: Lucio
Coauthor: Bettencourt | Schwertner | Birdwell | Taylor
Sponsor: Paddie
Last Action: 06/07/2019 E Effective on 9/1/19
Caption: Relating to the provision of informational materials and certain other information to a pregnant woman before an abortion.

SB 72 Author: Nelson
Coauthor: Hall | Birdwell | Huffman | Zaffirini | Lucio | et al.
Sponsor: Guillen
Last Action: 05/20/2019 E Effective on 9/1/19
Caption: Relating to the establishment and duties of the human trafficking prevention coordinating council.

SB 213 Author: Seliger
Coauthor: West | Birdwell | Watson | Flores | Perry | et al.
Sponsor: Huberty
Last Action: 05/07/2019 E See remarks for effective date
Caption: Relating to the use of individual graduation committees and other alternative methods to satisfy certain public high school graduation requirements.

SB 244 Author: Creighton
Coauthor: Hall | Bettencourt | Birdwell
Last Action: 04/10/2019 H Referred to Public Education: Apr 10 2019 2:01PM
Caption: Relating to the number of school marshals that may be appointed to serve on a public school campus or at a private school.

SB 393 Author: Huffman
Coauthor: Perry | Hinojosa | Flores | Birdwell | Kolkhorst | et al.
Last Action: 02/14/2019 S Referred to State Affairs
Caption: Relating to the contributions to the Teacher Retirement System of Texas.

SB 535 Author: Campbell
Coauthor: Hall | Birdwell
Sponsor: Flynn | Ashby | Oliverson | King, Phil
Last Action: 06/07/2019 E Effective on 9/1/19
Caption: Relating to the carrying of a handgun by a license holder on the premises of certain places of religious worship.

SB 652 Author: Campbell
Coauthor: Birdwell | Schwertner | Fallon
Last Action: 05/17/2019 H Reported favorably w/o amendment(s)
Caption: Relating to procedures and requirements for the issuance of certificates of obligation.

SB 653 Author: Hall
Coauthor: Flores | Bettencourt | Perry | Fallon | Campbell | et al.
Last Action: 05/09/2019 S Not again placed on intent calendar
Caption: Relating to prohibiting the use of photographic traffic signal enforcement systems.

SB 1021 Author: Seliger
Coauthor: Birdwell
Last Action: 04/10/2019 S Placed on intent calendar
Caption: Relating to the operations of the Texas Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Compact waste disposal facility.

SB 1033 Author: Hancock | Campbell | Creighton | Hughes | Kolkhorst | et al.
Coauthor: Hall | Bettencourt | Flores | Fallon | Birdwell | et al.
Sponsor: Schaefer | Swanson | Oliverson
Last Action: 05/17/2019 H Committee report sent to Calendars
Caption: Relating to information regarding perinatal palliative care and prohibiting discriminatory abortions; creating an administrative penalty, a civil remedy, and a criminal offense.

SB 1260 Author: Fallon
Coauthor: Birdwell
Last Action: 05/16/2019 H Referred to Defense & Veterans' Affairs: May 16 2019 3:45PM
Caption: Relating to applicability to military service members of minimum age policies imposed by commercial lodging establishments.

SB 1329 Author: Bettencourt
Coauthor: Birdwell
Last Action: 05/06/2019 H Referred to Pensions, Investments & Financial Services: May 6 2019 9:04PM
Caption: Relating to bonds issued by and the dissolution of municipal management districts.

SB 1413 Author: Zaffirini
Coauthor: Birdwell
Sponsor: Vo
Last Action: 05/28/2019 E Effective on 9/1/19
Caption: Relating to consolidation of annual reporting requirements of the Texas Workforce Commission.

SB 1850 Author: Rodríguez
Coauthor: Flores | Fallon | Birdwell | Lucio | Miles | et al.
Sponsor: Walle
Last Action: 05/21/2019 H Placed on General State Calendar
Caption: Relating to used and scrap tire handlers.

SB 2219 Author: Bettencourt
Coauthor: Birdwell | Hall | Fallon
Sponsor: Murphy
Last Action: 05/16/2019 H Committee report sent to Calendars
Caption: Relating to the notice required before the issuance of certain debt obligations by political subdivisions.

SB 2332 Author: Creighton
Coauthor: Birdwell
Last Action: 05/17/2019 S Not again placed on intent calendar
Caption: Relating to reporting to the legislature by certain river authorities.

SJR 24 Author: Kolkhorst | Buckingham | Campbell | Flores | Hinojosa | et al.
Coauthor: Powell | Fallon | Seliger | Schwertner | Johnson | et al.
Sponsor: Cyrier | Price | Zerwas | Turner, Chris | Rose
Last Action: 05/28/2019 E Filed with the Secretary of State
Caption: Proposing a constitutional amendment relating to the appropriation of the net revenue received from the imposition of state sales and use taxes on sporting goods.

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