Texas Legislature
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Rep. Rafael Anchia
86th Legislature Regular Session
Report Date: 7/12/2020

Number of Bills: 6

Report Sections: Sponsored Bills | Joint Sponsored Bills

Sponsor (3):
SB 642 Author: Johnson
Sponsor: Anchia
Last Action: 05/20/2019 E Effective immediately
Caption: Relating to a common characteristic or use project in a public improvement district in certain municipalities.

SB 2018 Author: West
Sponsor: Anchia
Last Action: 06/10/2019 E Effective immediately
Caption: Relating to abolishing a dissolution committee established to abolish certain county boards of education or boards of county school trustees and appointing commissioners courts to assume the duties of the dissolution committee.

SB 2152 Author: Zaffirini
Sponsor: Anchia
Last Action: 05/19/2019 H Committee report sent to Calendars
Caption: Relating to wage claim data.

Joint Sponsor (3):
SB 21 Author: Huffman | Campbell | Hinojosa | Johnson | Kolkhorst | et al.
Sponsor: Zerwas | Thompson, Senfronia | Sheffield | Anchia | Oliverson
Last Action: 06/07/2019 E Effective on 9/1/19
Caption: Relating to the distribution, possession, purchase, consumption, and receipt of cigarettes, e-cigarettes, and tobacco products.

SB 46 Author: Zaffirini
Sponsor: Zwiener | Anchia | Button | Davis, Sarah | Morrison
Last Action: 05/21/2019 H Placed on General State Calendar
Caption: Relating to the prohibition against sexual harassment in the workplace.

SB 753 Author: Huffman
Sponsor: Raney | Stucky | Anchia | Harless | Lambert
Last Action: 05/14/2019 E Effective on 9/1/19
Caption: Relating to wage requirements for community rehabilitation programs participating in the purchasing from people with disabilities program.

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