Texas Legislature
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Rep. Erin Zwiener
86th Legislature Regular Session
Report Date: 2/28/2020

Number of Bills: 4

Report Sections: Sponsored Bills | Joint Sponsored Bills

Sponsor (3):
SB 46 Author: Zaffirini
Sponsor: Zwiener | Anchia | Button | Davis, Sarah | Morrison
Last Action: 05/21/2019 H Placed on General State Calendar
Caption: Relating to the prohibition against sexual harassment in the workplace.

SB 483 Author: Campbell
Sponsor: Zwiener
Last Action: 06/10/2019 E Effective immediately
Caption: Relating to permits for certain injection wells that transect a portion of the Edwards Aquifer.

SCR 18 Author: Campbell
Sponsor: Zwiener
Last Action: 05/07/2019 H Comm. report sent to Local & Consent Calendar
Caption: Designating Kyle as the official Pie Capital of Texas for a 10-year period beginning in 2019.

Joint Sponsor (1):
SB 2066 Author: Menéndez
Sponsor: Phelan | Raymond | Goodwin | Zwiener | Paddie
Last Action: 05/15/2019 H Committee report sent to Calendars
Caption: Relating to distributed renewable generation resources.

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