Texas Legislature
Bills Authored / Joint Authored
Rep. Frederick Frazier
88th Legislature Third Called Session
Report Date: 6/15/2024

Number of Bills: 6

Report Sections: Authored Bills | Joint Authored Bills

Author (3):
HB 106 Author: Frazier | DeAyala | Bumgarner
Last Action: 10/09/2023 H Filed
Caption: Relating to a defense to prosecution for certain assaultive offenses involving the use or exhibition of a less-lethal projectile device by a peace officer.

HB 191 Author: Frazier
Last Action: 10/20/2023 H Filed
Caption: Relating to the definition of firearm for purposes of certain criminal offenses.

HB 196 Author: Frazier
Last Action: 10/24/2023 H Filed
Caption: Relating to the creation of the Honey Creek Improvement District No. 1; providing authority to issue bonds; providing authority to impose assessments and fees.

Joint Author (3):
HB 83 Author: Cain | Noble | Thimesch | Frazier | Hull
Last Action: 10/12/2023 H Referred to State Affairs: Oct 12 2023 9:18AM
Caption: Relating to the punishment for certain criminal conduct involving the smuggling of persons or the operation of a stash house; increasing criminal penalties.

HB 84 Author: Cain | Thimesch | Frazier | Leo-Wilson
Last Action: 10/06/2023 H Filed
Caption: Relating to informed consent before provision of certain medical treatments and exemptions from COVID-19 vaccination requirements.

HB 109 Author: Bumgarner | DeAyala | Stucky | Troxclair | Frazier
Last Action: 10/09/2023 H Filed
Caption: Relating to the admission to public schools of children unlawfully present in the United States and the eligibility of those children for the benefits of the available school fund and Foundation School Program.

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