Texas Legislature
Bills Coauthored
Rep. Frederick Frazier
88th Legislature Third Called Session
Report Date: 6/24/2024

Number of Bills: 5

HB 4 Author: Spiller | Hefner | Geren | Hunter | Bell, Keith
Coauthor: Allison | Ashby | Bailes | Bonnen | Buckley | et al.
Sponsor: Birdwell
Last Action: 11/02/2023 S Committee report printed and distributed: Nov 2 2023 9:52AM
Caption: Relating to the creation of the criminal offense of improper entry from a foreign nation and indemnification of certain claims relating to the enforcement of that offense.

HB 5 Author: Guillen | Morales, Eddie | Lopez, Janie | Raymond | Holland
Coauthor: Allison | Anderson | Ashby | Bailes | Bell, Keith | et al.
Last Action: 10/12/2023 H Referred to State Affairs: Oct 12 2023 9:18AM
Caption: Relating to the punishment for certain criminal conduct involving the smuggling of persons or the operation of a stash house; increasing criminal penalties.

HB 6 Author: Jetton, Jacey | Bonnen | DeAyala | Cain | Kitzman
Coauthor: Allison | Ashby | Bailes | Bell, Keith | Buckley | et al.
Last Action: 10/26/2023 S Referred to Finance
Caption: Relating to making an appropriation for the construction, operation, and maintenance of border barrier infrastructure.

HB 7 Author: Leach | Klick | Burrows | Troxclair | Raymond
Coauthor: Allison | Anderson | Ashby | Bell, Keith | Bonnen | et al.
Last Action: 10/13/2023 H Referred to State Affairs: Oct 13 2023 3:14PM
Caption: Relating to prohibiting a private employer from adopting or enforcing certain COVID-19 vaccine mandates; authorizing an administrative penalty.

HB 85 Author: Cain | Guillen | Gerdes
Coauthor: Bumgarner | Frazier | Harris, Caroline | Leo-Wilson | Toth
Last Action: 10/06/2023 H Filed
Caption: Relating to measures to ensure the safety and welfare of the border region of this state, including protection from ongoing criminal activity, and public health threats and the establishment of the Border Protection Unit; creating a criminal offense; creating a civil penalty.

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