By:  Coleman                                         H.C.R. No. 170
       73R11875 LJR-D
                                 CONCURRENT RESOLUTION
    1-1        WHEREAS, H.B. No. 2281 has passed the house of
    1-2  representatives and the senate and is being prepared for
    1-3  enrollment; and
    1-4        WHEREAS, The text set out in the senate amendments to H.B.
    1-5  No. 2281, in which the house of representatives concurred, includes
    1-6  language in added law that renders the sentence ungrammatical; now,
    1-7  therefore, be it
    1-8        RESOLVED by the 73rd Legislature of the State of Texas, That
    1-9  the enrolling clerk of the house of representatives be instructed
   1-10  to make the following correction to H.B. No. 2281:
   1-11        In Section 401.032, Government Code, as added by Senate
   1-12  Committee Amendment No. 1, strike "may donate the benefit".