By:  Johnson, J.                                        H.R. No. 26
       73R2276 LBD-D
                                  R E S O L U T I O N
    1-1        WHEREAS, On June 13, 1992, after years of faithful service to
    1-2  his community and church, Robert L. Crawford passed away and his
    1-3  death has brought a great loss to the many friends and relatives of
    1-4  this highly regarded gentleman; and
    1-5        WHEREAS, Born on September 17, 1909, in Carthage, this native
    1-6  Texan was educated in Center and traveled extensively as a young
    1-7  man, singing with two different groups that were known as "The
    1-8  Humming Four"; and
    1-9        WHEREAS, Mr. Crawford's life was led by sincere compassion
   1-10  and love for his fellow man; in 1945, he was baptized in the
   1-11  Seventh Day Adventist Church and, from that point on, devoted
   1-12  himself to serving the needs of the hungry, the oppressed, and the
   1-13  spiritually downtrodden; and
   1-14        WHEREAS, In the midst of some of the most extreme political
   1-15  and racial tensions this country has ever known, Mr. Crawford, a
   1-16  founding member of the Nacogdoches County Voters League and a
   1-17  member of the Community Foundation board of directors, stood
   1-18  bravely for civil rights and worked diligently toward achieving
   1-19  freedom and equality for all; and
   1-20        WHEREAS, Committed to caring for the spiritual and physical
   1-21  needs of those around him, he faithfully operated The Sharing Post,
   1-22  providing food, clothing, and money to those in need, and regularly
   1-23  visited convicted prisoners, changing their lives through his
   1-24  wisdom, guidance, and support; and
    2-1        WHEREAS, In addition, Mr. Crawford was one of the founding
    2-2  elders of The Cariker Street Seventh Day Adventist Church, a
    2-3  dedicated supporter of the Head Start program in his community, and
    2-4  a member of the board of Community Action--Nacogdoches; and
    2-5        WHEREAS, A loving family man as well, he enjoyed a happy and
    2-6  rewarding marriage with his beloved wife of 29 years, the former
    2-7  Mattie L. Evans, and took great pride in the achievements of his
    2-8  children; and
    2-9        WHEREAS, This warm-hearted individual devoted much of his
   2-10  life to the betterment of his community; though his presence will
   2-11  be missed by all who knew him, his memory will long endure in the
   2-12  hearts of those whose lives he touched during his time on this
   2-13  earth; now, therefore, be it
   2-14        RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 73rd Texas
   2-15  Legislature hereby pay tribute to the life of Robert L. Crawford
   2-16  and extend profound sympathy to the members of his family:  to his
   2-17  wife, Mattie L. Crawford of Nacogdoches; to his sons, Eulos Horn of
   2-18  San Mateo, California and Don Stephenson and Kowhangle Horn, both
   2-19  of Houston; to his daughter, Julos Horn of Houston; to his stepson,
   2-20  Thomas Evans of Atlanta, Georgia; to his brother, J. W. Jennings of
   2-21  Center; to his brothers-in-law, Jessie Evans, John Evans, and
   2-22  Thomas Evans, all of Atlanta, Georgia; to his sisters-in-law,
   2-23  Gertrude Crawford of Nacogdoches and Beatrice Evans, Annie B.
   2-24  Evans, and Oria L. Williams, all of Atlanta, Georgia; and to the
   2-25  many other relatives and friends of this fine man; and, be it
   2-26  further
   2-27        RESOLVED, That official copies of this resolution be prepared
    3-1  for the members of his family and that when the Texas House of
    3-2  Representatives adjourns this day, it do so in memory of Robert L.
    3-3  Crawford.