By:  Denton                                            H.R. No. 479
       73R7938 SRD-F
                                  R E S O L U T I O N
    1-1        WHEREAS, The Texas House of Representatives is proud to
    1-2  recognize Texas State Technical College at Waco and the
    1-3  Berufsbildende Schulen (Technical College of Lower Saxony) at
    1-4  Gattegen, Federal Republic of Germany, which have joined in a
    1-5  cultural exchange program for the past five years; and
    1-6        WHEREAS, Students and faculty from the two colleges have
    1-7  participated in cultural and technical studies, sharing information
    1-8  and enhancing international peace and understanding; and
    1-9        WHEREAS, The exchange process is led and supported by
   1-10  President Don Goodwin and Dean Robert Kinney of Texas State
   1-11  Technical College and Peter Hoffman and Klaus Magus, officials of
   1-12  Berufsbildende Schulen; and
   1-13        WHEREAS, The exchange class of 1993 consists of Karin
   1-14  Sulzbach, coordinator, and students Sebastian Kurten, Volker Beck,
   1-15  Sandor Konyu, Nicole Staebner, Tanya Macke, Torsten Marienhagen,
   1-16  Michael Link, Kathrin Beckman, Jens Schrader, Ralf Elsner, and
   1-17  Carsten Uhlendorf; and
   1-18        WHEREAS, This relationship serves as a cultural and
   1-19  technological partnership with Texas and the Federal Republic of
   1-20  Germany in the interest of education and world peace; now,
   1-21  therefore, be it
   1-22        RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 73rd Texas
   1-23  Legislature hereby honor and congratulate Texas State Technical
   1-24  College and Berufsbildende Schulen for this exchange program; and,
    2-1  be it further
    2-2        RESOLVED, That official copies of this resolution be prepared
    2-3  for Texas State Technical College and Berufsbildende Schulen as an
    2-4  expression of high regard by the Texas House of Representatives.