By:  Turner                                           S.B. No. 1234
                                 A BILL TO BE ENTITLED
                                        AN ACT
    1-1  relating to the consolidation and dedication of funds in the Texas
    1-2  Natural Resource Conservation Commission.
    1-4                               ARTICLE 1
    1-5        SECTION 1.01.  Subsection (h), Section 26.0135, Water Code,
    1-6  is amended to read as follows:
    1-7        (h)  The commission <Texas Water Commission> shall apportion,
    1-8  assess, and recover the reasonable costs of administering the water
    1-9  quality management programs under this section from all users of
   1-10  water and wastewater permit holders in the watershed according to
   1-11  the records of the commission generally in proportion to their
   1-12  right, through permit or contract, to use water from and discharge
   1-13  wastewater in the watershed.  The costs to river authorities and
   1-14  others to conduct regional water quality assessment shall be
   1-15  subject to prior review and approval by the commission as to
   1-16  methods of allocation and total amount to be recovered.  The
   1-17  commission shall adopt rules to supervise and implement the water
   1-18  quality assessment and associated costs.  The rules shall ensure
   1-19  that water users and wastewater dischargers do not pay excessive
   1-20  amounts, that a river authority may recover no more than the actual
   1-21  costs of administering the water quality management programs called
   1-22  for in this section, and that no municipality shall be assessed
   1-23  costs for any efforts that duplicate water quality management
    2-1  activities described in Section 26.177 of this chapter.  Costs
    2-2  recovered by the commission are to be deposited to the water
    2-3  quality fund and are appropriated to the commission for the
    2-4  administration of this section and the implementation of regional
    2-5  water quality assessments.
    2-6        SECTION 1.02.  Subsection (f), Section 5.235, Water Code, is
    2-7  amended to read as follows:
    2-8        (f)  A person who files a bond issue application with the
    2-9  commission must pay an application fee set by the commission.  The
   2-10  commission by rule may set the application fee in an amount not to
   2-11  exceed $500, plus the cost of required notice.  If the bonds are
   2-12  approved by the commission, the seller shall pay to the commission
   2-13  a percentage of the bond proceeds not later than the seventh
   2-14  business day after receipt of the bond proceeds.  The commission by
   2-15  rule may set the percentage of the proceeds in an amount not to
   2-16  exceed 0.25 percent of the principal amount of the bonds actually
   2-17  issued.  Revenue from these fees and application fees under
   2-18  subsection (e) of this section shall be deposited in the state
   2-19  treasury and credited to the water utility <quality> fund.
   2-20  Proceeds of the fees shall be used to supplement any other funds
   2-21  available for paying expenses of the commission in supervising the
   2-22  various bond and construction activities of the districts filing
   2-23  the applications.
   2-24        SECTION 1.03.  Subsection (c), Section 26.0291, Water Code,
   2-25  is amended to read as follows:
    3-1        (c)  The fees collected under this section shall be deposited
    3-2  in a special fund in the state treasury to be known as the water
    3-3  quality <waste treatment facility inspection fee> fund.  Money in
    3-4  the fund shall be used as follows:
    3-5              (1)  to supplement any other funds available for paying
    3-6  expenses of the commission in inspecting waste treatment
    3-7  facilities;
    3-8              (2)  to pay for the issuance and renewal of
    3-9  certificates of competency under and to administer Section 26.0301
   3-10  of this code; and
   3-11              (3)  to pay for processing plans or amendments to plans
   3-12  and inspecting the construction of projects under those plans
   3-13  pursuant to Section 26.0461 of this code and rules of the
   3-14  commission adopted under Sections 26.046 and 26.0461 of this code.
   3-15        SECTION 1.04.  Subsection (e), Section 26.0301, Water Code,
   3-16  is amended to read as follows:
   3-17        (e)  The commission by rule shall set a fee to be paid by
   3-18  each applicant or licensee on the issuance or renewal of a
   3-19  certificate of competency under this section.  The amount of the
   3-20  fee is determined according to the costs of the commission in
   3-21  administering this section, but may not exceed $25 annually for an
   3-22  individual wastewater treatment plant operator and $500 annually
   3-23  for a wastewater treatment facility operations company.  The
   3-24  commission shall deposit any fees collected under this subsection
   3-25  in the state treasury to the credit of the water quality <waste
    4-1  treatment facility inspection> fund.
    4-2        SECTION 1.05.  Subsection (h), Section 26.0461, Water Code,
    4-3  is amended to read as follows:
    4-4        (h)  A fee collected under this section shall be deposited in
    4-5  the State Treasury to the credit of the water quality <waste
    4-6  treatment facility inspection> fund.
    4-7        SECTION 1.06.  Sections 370.007-370.008, Health and Safety
    4-8  Code, are amended to read as follows:
    4-9        Sec. 370.007.  Toxic Chemical Release Reporting Funds.
   4-10  <Fund>.  (a)  Toxic <The toxic> chemical release reporting funds
   4-11  <fund> consists of money collected by the commission from:
   4-12              (1)  fees imposed on owners and operators of facilities
   4-13  required to submit a toxic chemical release form; and
   4-14              (2)  penalties imposed under this chapter.
   4-15        (b)  The commission may use the money collected under this
   4-16  chapter <and deposited to the fund> to pay for:
   4-17              (1)  costs incurred by the commission in implementing
   4-18  this chapter; and
   4-19              (2)  other commission activities necessary to implement
   4-20  the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act of 1986 (42
   4-21  U.S.C. Section 11001 et seq.).
   4-22        Sec. 370.008.  Disposition of <Toxic Chemical Release
   4-23  Reporting> Fees.  (a)  The owner or operator of a facility required
   4-24  to submit a toxic chemical release form under this chapter shall
   4-25  pay, at the time of the submission, a fee of $25 for each toxic
    5-1  chemical release form submitted.
    5-2        (b)  The maximum fee for a facility may not exceed $250.
    5-3        (c)  The commission by rule may increase or decrease the
    5-4  toxic chemical release form reporting fee as necessary.
    5-5        (d)  Fees collected under this section shall be deposited in
    5-6  the state treasury to the credit of the hazardous and solid waste
    5-7  fee <toxic chemical release reporting> fund.
    5-8                               ARTICLE 2
    5-9        SECTION 2.01.  The following funds and accounts, and revenues
   5-10  authorized to be deposited to these funds and accounts, are exempt
   5-11  from the provisions of Subsection (h), Section 403.094, Government
   5-12  Code.  Except as amended by this Act, these funds and accounts are
   5-13  dedicated to the purposes for which they were established under the
   5-14  applicable provisions of law.  The comptroller may, with the
   5-15  concurrence of the treasurer, establish any of the following funds
   5-16  as dedicated accounts in the general revenue fund, provided that
   5-17  such accounts maintain any attributes authorized under provisions
   5-18  of law.
   5-19        (1)  solid waste disposal fee fund authorized under Sections
   5-20  361.013-014, Health and Safety Code;
   5-21        (2)  waste tire recycling fund authorized under Sections
   5-22  361.474-.475, Health and Safety Code;
   5-23        (3)  water well drillers fund authorized under Sections
   5-24  32.014 and 33.012, Water Code;
   5-25        (4)  used oil recycling fund authorized under Section
    6-1  371.061, Health and Safety Code;
    6-2        (5)  clean air fund authorized under Section 382.0622, Health
    6-3  and Safety Code;
    6-4        (6)  water quality fund authorized under Section 5.235(f),
    6-5  Water Code and Sections 26.0291, 26.0301 and 26.0461, Water Code,
    6-6  as amended by this Act;
    6-7        (7)  water rights administration fund authorized under
    6-8  Section 12.113, Water Code;
    6-9        (8)  water utility fund authorized under Section 5.235, Water
   6-10  Code;
   6-11        (9)  spill response fund authorized under Section 26.265,
   6-12  Water Code;
   6-13        (10)  Texas irrigators fund authorized under Section 34.005,
   6-14  Water Code;
   6-15        (11)  hazardous and solid waste fees fund authorized under
   6-16  Sections 361.132 and 370.008, Health and Safety Code, as amended by
   6-17  this Act;
   6-18        (12)  hazardous and solid waste remediation fee fund
   6-19  authorized under Section 361.133, Health and Safety Code;
   6-20        (13)  storage tank fund authorized under Section 26.358,
   6-21  Water Code and Section 8, Article 8900, V.A.C.S.; and
   6-22        (14)  petroleum storage tank remediation fund authorized
   6-23  under Section 26.3573, Water Code.
   6-24        SECTION 2.02.  The funds and accounts described in Section
   6-25  2.01 of this Act are further exempt from any provision of
    7-1  Subsection (b), Section 403.095, Government Code that would
    7-2  authorize the expenditure or transfer of dedicated revenues
    7-3  inconsistent with this Section 2.01 of this Act.  Nothing in this
    7-4  section shall otherwise limit the authority of the legislature to
    7-5  appropriate funds from any fund or account.
    7-6                               ARTICLE 3
    7-7        SECTION 3.01.  The waste treatment facility inspection fund
    7-8  and the toxic chemical release reporting fund are abolished
    7-9  effective September 1, 1993.
   7-10        SECTION 3.02.  The importance of this legislation and the
   7-11  crowded condition of the calendars in both houses create an
   7-12  emergency and an imperative public necessity that the
   7-13  constitutional rule requiring bills to be read on three several
   7-14  days in each house be suspended, and this rule is hereby suspended,
   7-15  and that this Act take effect and be in force from and after its
   7-16  passage, and it is so enacted.