By:  Henderson                                         S.C.R. No. 8
                             SENATE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION
    1-1        WHEREAS, John R. Phenix & Associates, Inc., alleges that:
    1-2        (1)  it was promised the award of a contract for the design
    1-3  of an athletic training facility on the University of Houston
    1-4  campus;
    1-5        (2)  as a condition of the award of the contract, it deferred
    1-6  billing for the preparation of conceptual drawings and schematics
    1-7  that were to be used to raise funds for the facility;
    1-8        (3)  it prepared conceptual drawings and schematics and
    1-9  several subsequent redesigns of the structure at a cost of over
   1-10  $80,000 in professional fees;
   1-11        (4)  the university originally awarded it the contract;
   1-12        (5)  at the instigation of a university employee, the
   1-13  university reneged on the contract and awarded it to another
   1-14  architectural firm;
   1-15        (6)  the contract was awarded to the other firm on the basis
   1-16  of a previous relationship with the university employee, rather
   1-17  than on the firm's abilities; and
   1-18        (7)  the university's wrongful breach of contract has cost
   1-19  John R. Phenix & Associates, Inc., a loss of over $80,000 in
   1-20  professional fees; now, therefore, be it
   1-21        RESOLVED by the Legislature of the State of Texas, That John
   1-22  R. Phenix & Associates, Inc., be and are hereby granted permission
   1-23  to sue the State of Texas and the University of Houston System
    2-1  subject to Chapter 107, Civil Practice and Remedies Code; and, be
    2-2  it further
    2-3        RESOLVED, That the chancellor or vice-chancellor of the
    2-4  University of Houston System be served process as provided by
    2-5  Section 107.002(a)(3), Civil Practice and Remedies Code.