By:  Turner                                       S.R. No. 45
    1-1                           SENATE RESOLUTION
    1-2        WHEREAS, The Senate of the State of Texas takes
    1-3  great pleasure in congratulating Deputy Steve Fisher of
    1-4  the Walker County Sheriff's Department for his exceptional
    1-5  contributions to his community; and
    1-6        WHEREAS, Deputy Fisher was presented the 1992 Officer of
    1-7  the Year award at a ceremony in his honor and received a plaque;
    1-8  and
    1-9        WHEREAS, The outstanding officer has been with the
   1-10  sheriff's department for three and one-half years and has
   1-11  earned the admiration and respect of his fellow officers; and
   1-12        WHEREAS, Steve Fisher began his career working in the county
   1-13  jail where his abilities were quickly recognized, and he was sent
   1-14  to the police academy to become a certified peace officer; and
   1-15        WHEREAS, His important work in Walker County has earned him
   1-16  a place as a valued and appreciated member of the community; and
   1-17        WHEREAS, Deputy Fisher's untiring efforts to help others
   1-18  and to combat crime in the area underscores his commitment to
   1-19  making Walker County a safer place to live, work, and raise a
   1-20  family; and
   1-21        WHEREAS, This exemplary law enforcement officer is truly
   1-22  deserving of the honor bestowed on him; now, therefore, be it
   1-23        RESOLVED, That the Senate of the State of Texas,
    2-1  73rd Legislature, hereby commend and applaud Deputy Steve Fisher
    2-2  for his superb accomplishments and express its deepest gratitude
    2-3  to him on behalf of the citizens of Texas; and, be it further
    2-4        RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution be prepared for him
    2-5  as a token of the high regard of the Texas Senate.
    2-6                                 _____________________________________
    2-7                                        President of the Senate
    2-8                                      I hereby certify that the
    2-9                                 above Resolution was adopted by
   2-10                                 the Senate on January 19, 1993.
   2-11                                 _____________________________________
   2-12                                        Secretary of the Senate
   2-13                                 _____________________________________
   2-14                                         Member, Texas Senate