H.C.R. No. 3
                              HOUSE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION
    1-1        WHEREAS, The passing of Robert W. Calvert on October 6, 1994,
    1-2  at the age of 89, has brought a great loss not only to his family
    1-3  and friends but also to the countless individuals across the state
    1-4  who benefitted from his leadership and dedication; and
    1-5        WHEREAS, A former state representative, speaker of the house,
    1-6  county attorney, and chief justice of the state supreme court,
    1-7  Judge Calvert spent most of his life in service to his fellow
    1-8  Texans, and many of his legislative and judicial reforms have
    1-9  endured as a testament to his wisdom and fairness; and
   1-10        WHEREAS, Born in Lawrence County, Tennessee, in 1905, Judge
   1-11  Calvert overcame extreme adversity in his childhood to succeed at
   1-12  the highest levels of state government; after his father's death
   1-13  left his mother unable to support her children, he and his two
   1-14  siblings were placed in the State Orphans' Home in Corsicana, where
   1-15  he lived until he graduated from high school; and
   1-16        WHEREAS, He worked to put himself through both college and
   1-17  law school at The University of Texas at Austin, and during part of
   1-18  that time he supported himself by working as an elevator operator
   1-19  in the State Capitol; after receiving his law degree, he set up a
   1-20  practice in Hillsboro before entering politics in 1933; and
   1-21        WHEREAS, During his three successive terms in the Texas House
   1-22  of Representatives, this distinguished lawmaker helped to pass
   1-23  measures providing benefits for needy children, reforming the
   1-24  procedures for the commitment of mentally ill individuals, and
    2-1  establishing the Old Age Assistance Commission, which exists today
    2-2  as the Texas Department of Human Services; in his final term, he
    2-3  was elected speaker of the house, in which capacity he brought
    2-4  outstanding leadership to the office; and
    2-5        WHEREAS, In 1950, after serving tenures as the county
    2-6  attorney for Hill County and as chairman of the State Democratic
    2-7  Executive Committee, he brought his incisive legal mind and keen
    2-8  sense of fairness to the Supreme Court of Texas, where he would
    2-9  serve two consecutive terms as chief justice; in his 22 years on
   2-10  the bench, he gained the respect and admiration of the legal
   2-11  community for his impartiality, insight, and abiding respect for
   2-12  the law, and to this day, many of his law review articles are
   2-13  considered the final word on procedural issues in the state; and
   2-14        WHEREAS, Although he retired from the court in 1972, Judge
   2-15  Calvert was pressed into public service once more when he was
   2-16  appointed chairman of the Texas Constitutional Revision Commission
   2-17  in 1973; the recipient of numerous awards and honors for his legal
   2-18  expertise, he later was associated with the prestigious law firm of
   2-19  McGinnis, Lockridge, and Kilgore, and his autobiography was
   2-20  published in 1977; and
   2-21        WHEREAS, Considered "a giant of Texas law" by his colleagues,
   2-22  Judge Robert W. Calvert was dedicated to upholding the legal and
   2-23  democratic precepts of this state, and his unparalleled
   2-24  contributions to the law will benefit many generations of Texans;
   2-25  as a legislator, as an attorney, and as a judge, he adhered to the
   2-26  highest standards of integrity, honor, and justice, and his
   2-27  presence will be missed by all who were privileged to know him;
    3-1  now, therefore, be it
    3-2        RESOLVED, That the 74th Legislature of the State of Texas
    3-3  hereby pay tribute to the life of Robert W. Calvert and extend
    3-4  deepest sympathy to the members of his family: to his daughter,
    3-5  Carolyn Pool; to his grandson, Michael Pool; to his granddaughters,
    3-6  Melissa Ross and Rachel Pool; to his two great-grandsons; and to
    3-7  the many other friends and relatives of this remarkable gentleman;
    3-8  and, be it further
    3-9        RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be
   3-10  prepared for the members of his family and that when the Texas
   3-11  House of Representatives and Senate adjourn this day, they do so in
   3-12  memory of Robert W. Calvert.