H.R. No. 92
                                  R E S O L U T I O N
    1-1        WHEREAS, Dr. Walter J. Wyrick, Sr., has been a leading
    1-2  practitioner of dentistry and an inspiration to young dentists in
    1-3  the Texarkana area for more than 60 years; and
    1-4        WHEREAS, Dr. Wyrick was born in Magnolia, Arkansas, in 1907,
    1-5  attended the public schools there, and was graduated from Magnolia
    1-6  High School; and
    1-7        WHEREAS, Entering Southern Dental College in Atlanta,
    1-8  Georgia, after high school, Dr. Wyrick was graduated in 1927 and
    1-9  set up his dental practice in Texarkana; and
   1-10        WHEREAS, Over the past 68 years, Dr. Wyrick has been active
   1-11  in state, district, and local dentistry societies, including the
   1-12  American Academy of Restorative Dentistry; and
   1-13        WHEREAS, A pioneer in dental techniques that emphasized
   1-14  saving teeth rather than pulling them, Dr. Wyrick has given
   1-15  hundreds of clinics in Texas and across the country to discuss and
   1-16  teach his ideas; and
   1-17        WHEREAS, A loving husband and father, Dr. Wyrick has enjoyed
   1-18  a long and rewarding marriage to wife Hazel Lind Wyrick, sharing
   1-19  pride in a family that includes son Walter Wyrick, Jr., M.D.;
   1-20  daughter Jean Wyrick, Ph.D.; and grandchildren Scott Wyrick, M.D.,
   1-21  Bart Wyrick, Sarah Hall, Kate Hall, and Austin Hall; now,
   1-22  therefore, be it
   1-23        RESOLVED, That the 74th Texas House of Representatives hereby
    2-1  commend Dr.  Wyrick for his long service to the people of the
    2-2  Texarkana area; and, be it further
    2-3        RESOLVED, That a copy of this resolution be prepared for Dr.
    2-4  Wyrick and his family as a token of esteem from the Texas House of
    2-5  Representatives.