H.R. No. 456
                                  R E S O L U T I O N
    1-1        WHEREAS, March 22, 1995, marks the 51st birthday of our
    1-2  esteemed colleague, the Honorable Bob Rabuck, and it gives the
    1-3  members of this chamber great pleasure to recognize this
    1-4  distinguished gentleman at this time; and
    1-5        WHEREAS, A native Texan, he was born in Port Arthur on March
    1-6  22, 1944, and, blessed with loving parents Jay and Grace Rabuck to
    1-7  guide him, enjoyed a happy and fulfilling childhood engaging in
    1-8  such rewarding activities as playing Little League, singing in the
    1-9  church choir, performing with the junior high band, becoming an
   1-10  Eagle Scout, and playing football for Thomas Jefferson High School;
   1-11  and
   1-12        WHEREAS, After receiving his diploma in 1961, Dr. Rabuck
   1-13  pursued his higher education at Lamar University, from which he was
   1-14  graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1965; continuing to work toward his
   1-15  goal of a career in the field of orthodontics, he earned D.D.S. and
   1-16  M.S. degrees from The University of Texas Dental Branch and,
   1-17  following his graduation in 1971, moved to Conroe, where he opened
   1-18  a successful orthodontic practice; and
   1-19        WHEREAS, Dr. Rabuck has been supported in all of his
   1-20  endeavors by his devoted wife of 28 years, Betzy, and together the
   1-21  Rabucks have reared a fine family of four children, each of whom is
   1-22  a source of great joy to their parents; their two youngest, Grace
   1-23  and Andrew, are currently enrolled in the Conroe public school
   1-24  system while their older children, Shelli and Keeley, are
    2-1  continuing their studies at The University of Texas at Austin and
    2-2  Texas Tech University in Lubbock; and
    2-3        WHEREAS, A dedicated civic leader, Dr. Rabuck has long played
    2-4  an active role in making his community a better place in which to
    2-5  live through his service as a volunteer with Young Life and the Boy
    2-6  Scouts, as a YMCA coach for youth activities, as a former president
    2-7  of the Conroe High School PTA and the Conroe School Board, and as a
    2-8  director of the Conroe Rotary Club; and
    2-9        WHEREAS, Having first earned election to the house in 1990,
   2-10  this outstanding public servant is currently in his third term as a
   2-11  state representative and is contributing to the continued vitality
   2-12  and prosperity of this state through his service as a member of the
   2-13  Agriculture and Livestock, Local and Consent Calendars, and State
   2-14  Recreational Resources committees and as a board member of the
   2-15  Texas Conservative Coalition; and
   2-16        WHEREAS, For a number of years, Dr. Rabuck also lectured one
   2-17  day a week at The University of Texas Dental Branch in Houston and,
   2-18  despite his demanding professional schedule, has never been too
   2-19  busy to spend time with his family, to attend the First Baptist
   2-20  Church of Conroe, or to serve as a Boy Scout volunteer; and
   2-21        WHEREAS, Dr. Rabuck learned the value of hard work from an
   2-22  early age and continues at the age of 51 to delight in working the
   2-23  land and caring for the cattle at his family farm in Woodville; the
   2-24  occasion of his birthday provides a fitting opportunity to honor
   2-25  this fine man, who exemplifies the traditional values of love,
   2-26  family, God, and country that have helped make this state the
   2-27  shining symbol of achievement and prosperity that it is today; now,
    3-1  therefore, be it
    3-2        RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 74th Texas
    3-3  Legislature hereby congratulate the Honorable Bob Rabuck on the
    3-4  joyous occasion of his 51st birthday and extend to him sincere best
    3-5  wishes for continued happiness and success in the coming year; and,
    3-6  be it further
    3-7        RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be
    3-8  prepared for Dr. Rabuck as an expression of highest regard by his
    3-9  colleagues in the Texas House of Representatives.