H.R. No. 1127
                                  R E S O L U T I O N
    1-1        WHEREAS, The Honorable Bob Hunter retired from his position
    1-2  as senior vice president of Abilene Christian University on August
    1-3  31, 1993, and in recognition of his distinguished 37-year career
    1-4  with that fine institution, he was honored with the title of senior
    1-5  vice president emeritus; and
    1-6        WHEREAS, A 1952 graduate of the school, Representative Hunter
    1-7  served as student body vice president during his senior year and
    1-8  was active in a variety of campus organizations, including A
    1-9  Cappella Chorus and the Men's Quartet; and
   1-10        WHEREAS, His professional employment with the university
   1-11  began in 1956, when he accepted a position as director of special
   1-12  events; he then served as the university's first director of alumni
   1-13  relations, and under his spirited leadership, alumni participation
   1-14  quadrupled over a five-year period; and
   1-15        WHEREAS, Among the many lasting traditions he initiated in
   1-16  that capacity are the Outstanding Alumnus of the Year Award, the
   1-17  annual Senior Dinner, and the V. W. Kelley Scholarship Award, which
   1-18  recognizes outstanding seniors for their service to the university;
   1-19  and
   1-20        WHEREAS, His love of music led him to create two of the
   1-21  university's best-loved events, the Homecoming Musical, which is
   1-22  produced each fall by the university's excellent theatre
   1-23  department, and Sing Song, a campus production that showcases the
   1-24  hard work and musical talent of more than a thousand students; and
    2-1        WHEREAS, In recognition of his tireless work in behalf of the
    2-2  school, Representative Hunter was named assistant to the president
    2-3  of Abilene Christian University in 1962, a position that was
    2-4  created for his unique talents; in that role, he guided the
    2-5  university's massive 10-year Design for Development, and in 1971 he
    2-6  coordinated the legislation that established the Texas Tuition
    2-7  Equalization Grant program, which has made private universities
    2-8  more affordable for countless young Texans; and
    2-9        WHEREAS, Representative Hunter has been supported in his many
   2-10  professional endeavors by his wife, Shirley Long Hunter, and his
   2-11  children, Kent Hunter, Les Hunter, and Carole Hunter Phillips; in
   2-12  recent years their family has grown to include Carole's husband,
   2-13  Danny Phillips, and their three children, Landon, Chad, and Emily
   2-14  Phillips, who are a continuing source of joy and delight to their
   2-15  proud grandfather; and
   2-16        WHEREAS, Throughout his many years of devoted service to
   2-17  Abilene Christian University, Representative Bob Hunter continually
   2-18  worked to improve both the quality of education and the quality of
   2-19  life at the school, and his efforts have had a tremendous positive
   2-20  impact on higher education in this state; now, therefore, be it
   2-21        RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 74th Texas
   2-22  Legislature hereby commend our esteemed colleague, the Honorable
   2-23  Bob Hunter, for his many years of exceptional service to Abilene
   2-24  Christian University and extend warmest best wishes to him for
   2-25  success in all his future endeavors; and, be it further
   2-26        RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be
   2-27  prepared for Representative Hunter as an expression of high regard
    3-1  by his colleagues in the Texas House of Representatives.