By:  Turner                                            S.R. No. 404
    1-1                           SENATE RESOLUTION
    1-2        WHEREAS, The Senate of the State of Texas takes great
    1-3  pleasure in congratulating Jim Lennox who was named "Fireman of
    1-4  the Year for 1994" by the Groesbeck Volunteer Fire Department;
    1-5  and
    1-6        WHEREAS, The exceptional fireman was honored by the
    1-7  Groesbeck Volunteer Fire Department at its annual Christmas
    1-8  dinner on December 14, 1994, for his important contributions
    1-9  to his community; and
   1-10        WHEREAS, His meritorious work and exemplary devotion to the
   1-11  citizens of Groesbeck have earned him their admiration and esteem;
   1-12  and
   1-13        WHEREAS, Mr. Lennox has handled his responsibilities with
   1-14  efficiency and dedication to those he so conscientiously serves;
   1-15  and
   1-16        WHEREAS, He has distinguished himself as a capable and
   1-17  highly professional fireman who has won the respect and friendship
   1-18  of the men and women who work with him; now, therefore, be it
   1-19        RESOLVED, That the Senate of the State of Texas,
   1-20  74th Legislature, hereby commend Jim Lennox for his outstanding
   1-21  service to the citizens of Groesbeck; and, be it further
   1-22        RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution be presented to
   1-23  Mr. Lennox as an expression of the gratitude and esteem of the
    2-1  Texas Senate.
    2-2                               ______________________________________
    2-3                                       President of the Senate
    2-4                                    I hereby certify that the above
    2-5                               Resolution was adopted by the Senate
    2-6                               on March 9, 1995.
    2-7                               ______________________________________
    2-8                                       Secretary of the Senate
    2-9                               ______________________________________
   2-10                                        Member, Texas Senate