S.R. No. 433
    1-1                           SENATE RESOLUTION
    1-2        WHEREAS, The Senate of the State of Texas is proud to
    1-3  recognize the members of the Silver-Haired Legislature who meet for
    1-4  the purpose of considering and drafting resolutions concerning the
    1-5  needs of older Texans; and
    1-6        WHEREAS, Silver-Haired legislators generously volunteer their
    1-7  time and energy, serving without compensation, on behalf of Texas'
    1-8  elderly population; and
    1-9        WHEREAS, Elected for a two-year term, representatives make
   1-10  a valuable contribution to the state by informing the state
   1-11  legislature of the requirements of older Texans and identifying
   1-12  concerns for the future; and
   1-13        WHEREAS, Goals established by the Silver-Haired Legislature
   1-14  include encouraging legislative involvement by older citizens in
   1-15  an effort to help them become a viable political force in their
   1-16  communities; and
   1-17        WHEREAS, The Silver-Haired Legislature also provides an
   1-18  avenue through which older citizens may serve as a resource to
   1-19  public and private sectors, boards, and commissions; and
   1-20        WHEREAS, The Silver-Haired Legislature is a nonpartisan
   1-21  organization comprised of men and women who are respected leaders
   1-22  in their communities and exemplary citizens; it is important that
   1-23  these individuals be recognized for the significant contributions
    2-1  they make to their state; now, therefore, be it
    2-2        RESOLVED, That the Senate of the State of Texas,
    2-3  74th Legislature, hereby commend the Silver-Haired Legislature for
    2-4  its hard work and extend best wishes for an enjoyable session; and,
    2-5  be it further
    2-6        RESOLVED, That copies of this Resolution be prepared for
    2-7  members of the Silver-Haired Legislature as an expression of high
    2-8  regard from the Texas Senate.
    2-9                                                 Turner
   2-10        Armbrister           Henderson           Ratliff
   2-11        Barrientos           Leedom              Rosson
   2-12        Bivins               Lucio               Shapiro
   2-13        Brown                Luna                Sibley
   2-14        Cain                 Madla               Sims
   2-15        Ellis                Moncrief            Truan
   2-16        Gallegos             Montford            Wentworth
   2-17        Galloway             Nelson              West
   2-18        Harris               Nixon               Whitmire
   2-19        Haywood              Patterson           Zaffirini
   2-20                   Bullock, President of the Senate
   2-21                               ______________________________________
   2-22                                       President of the Senate
   2-23                                    I hereby certify that the above
   2-24                               Resolution was adopted by the Senate
   2-25                               on March 15, 1995.
    3-1                               ______________________________________
    3-2                                       Secretary of the Senate
    3-3                               ______________________________________
    3-4                                        Member, Texas Senate