By:  Turner                                            S.R. No. 576
    1-1                           SENATE RESOLUTION
    1-2        WHEREAS, The Senate of the State of Texas takes pride in
    1-3  recognizing Thelma Johnson, who was recently chosen as a recipient
    1-4  of the Frederica Chase Dodd Service Award by the Brazos Valley Area
    1-5  Alumnae and Omicron Omega chapters of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority,
    1-6  Incorporated; and
    1-7        WHEREAS, Thelma Johnson is a woman with a rare personality
    1-8  who has chosen to devote her time and energy to what has amounted
    1-9  to 118 children, 93 of whom have been foster children; and
   1-10        WHEREAS, Following her first husband's death, Thelma Johnson
   1-11  raised her four children alone and remarried after they were grown;
   1-12  it was then that she and her husband, Adolph, decided to become
   1-13  foster parents; and
   1-14        WHEREAS, Thelma Johnson is a lady of uncommon generosity,
   1-15  patience, and compassion who has cared for foster children ranging
   1-16  in age from infancy to 18; she currently accepts children from
   1-17  preschool to age 12, although the children stay with her as long
   1-18  as she is needed; and
   1-19        WHEREAS, Over the years, Mrs. Johnson has made certain
   1-20  that her foster children become involved in church and volunteer
   1-21  activities and youth clubs; she currently cares for a fifth-grader
   1-22  and a seventh-grader; and
   1-23        WHEREAS, In addition to her work as a foster mother,
    2-1  Thelma Johnson enjoys her tasks at the Martin Luther King
    2-2  Community Garden Club where she pulls weeds and plants flowers
    2-3  to help beautify the area; and
    2-4        WHEREAS, A devout Christian, Thelma Johnson is active in
    2-5  the Pleasant Grove Baptist Church where she is a member of the
    2-6  Missionary Society; the church awarded her with the Presidential
    2-7  Award for Christian Service; and
    2-8        WHEREAS, A woman of remarkable strength, courage, and
    2-9  dedication, Thelma Johnson is an outstanding citizen who has made
   2-10  countless contributions to the Bryan community and to the youths
   2-11  for whom she has cared; and
   2-12        WHEREAS, An exemplary lady, Thelma Johnson is beloved and
   2-13  admired by all who know her, and through her life and her work,
   2-14  she has touched the lives of many; now, therefore, be it
   2-15        RESOLVED, That the Senate of the State of Texas,
   2-16  74th Legislature, hereby express appreciation to Thelma Johnson
   2-17  and extend to her congratulations for earning a Frederica Chase
   2-18  Dodd Service Award; and, be it further
   2-19        RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution be prepared for
   2-20  her as an expression of esteem from the Texas Senate.
   2-21                               ______________________________________
   2-22                                       President of the Senate
   2-23                                    I hereby certify that the above
   2-24                               Resolution was adopted by the Senate
   2-25                               on April 3, 1995.
    3-1                               ______________________________________
    3-2                                       Secretary of the Senate
    3-3                               ______________________________________
    3-4                                        Member, Texas Senate