By:  Turner                                            S.R. No. 584
    1-1                           SENATE RESOLUTION
    1-2                               In Memory
    1-3                                  of
    1-4                         Marvin York Vick, Jr.
    1-5        WHEREAS, The Senate of the State of Texas joins the
    1-6  citizens of Madisonville in mourning the untimely loss of
    1-7  Marvin York "M. Y." Vick, Jr., who died March 9, 1995, at the age
    1-8  of 51; and
    1-9        WHEREAS, Born January 3, 1944, in Houston, M. Y. Vick
   1-10  was a longtime resident of Madisonville; he graduated from
   1-11  The University of Texas and served on active and reserve duty in
   1-12  the United States Marine Corps; and
   1-13        WHEREAS, Mr. Vick was dedicated to his work as a lumberman
   1-14  and rancher in Madison County; he managed Vick Lumber Company and
   1-15  also served as president of Del Rios Salt Water, Incorporated; and
   1-16        WHEREAS, An exemplary gentleman, Marvin Vick was respected
   1-17  for his talents and his many accomplishments; and
   1-18        WHEREAS, A well-known civic leader, he was a director of the
   1-19  Madisonville State Bank, a member and chairman of the Madison County
   1-20  Hospital Board, the director of the Madison County Industrial
   1-21  Foundation, and a past president of the Madison County Chamber of
   1-22  Commerce; and
   1-23        WHEREAS, A man of integrity, strength, and generosity, he
    2-1  gave unselfishly of his time to others, and his wisdom, warmth, and
    2-2  valued counsel will not be forgotten by those who knew him; and
    2-3        WHEREAS, A devout Christian, he was a member of the First
    2-4  United Methodist Church where he served as Chairman of the Board of
    2-5  Trustees, Associate Lay Leader, and Chairman of the Pastor-Parish
    2-6  Committee; and
    2-7        WHEREAS, Marvin Vick was a devoted husband and father, and
    2-8  he leaves behind memories that will be treasured forever by his
    2-9  family and many friends; now, therefore, be it
   2-10        RESOLVED, That the Senate of the State of Texas,
   2-11  74th Legislature, hereby extend sincere condolences to the bereaved
   2-12  family of Marvin York Vick, Jr.:  his wife, Diana Baldwin Vick; his
   2-13  daughters, Corrie Vick, Elizabeth Vick, and Katherine Vick; and his
   2-14  mother, Gladys Heath Vick; and, be it further
   2-15        RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution be prepared for the
   2-16  members of his family as an expression of deepest sympathy from the
   2-17  Texas Senate, and that when the Senate adjourns this day, it do so
   2-18  in memory of Marvin Vick.
   2-19                               ______________________________________
   2-20                                      President of the Senate
   2-21                                    I hereby certify that the above
   2-22                               Resolution was adopted by the Senate
   2-23                               on April 3, 1995, by a rising vote.
   2-24                               ______________________________________
   2-25                                      Secretary of the Senate
    3-1                               ______________________________________
    3-2                                        Member, Texas Senate