By:  Turner                                            S.R. No. 705
    1-1                           SENATE RESOLUTION
    1-2        WHEREAS, It is indeed an honor for the Senate of the
    1-3  State of Texas to recognize the staff of the Bryan Eagle for
    1-4  capturing nine newspaper awards at the annual Texas Associated
    1-5  Press Managing Editors Convention in Galveston; and
    1-6        WHEREAS, The talented and hardworking staff members are
    1-7  devoted to giving their community the best possible newspaper,
    1-8  and their superb efforts have earned them the accolades of their
    1-9  colleagues; and
   1-10        WHEREAS, Chief Photographer Dave McDermand won best in his
   1-11  field for his dramatic shot of a wounded deputy sheriff in the
   1-12  August, 1994, Normangee State Bank robbery; the talented photographer
   1-13  also won a second place award in the sports photography category for
   1-14  his picture titled "Alone on the Sidelines"; and
   1-15        WHEREAS, The Eagle won seven honorable mentions in tough
   1-16  competition in various news categories with newspapers with
   1-17  comparable circulation from around the state; and
   1-18        WHEREAS, Mr. McDermand was awarded an honorable mention in
   1-19  feature photography for a picture of a line of tiny ballet dancers
   1-20  waiting for a drink from a water fountain titled "Dipped Out"; and
   1-21        WHEREAS, Each awards category required a combined team
   1-22  effort from the members of the staff, who are to be commended for
   1-23  the general excellence of their work; and
    2-1        WHEREAS, The awards are a tribute to the men and women who
    2-2  have contributed to the enduring success of the Bryan Eagle; now,
    2-3  therefore, be it
    2-4        RESOLVED, That the Senate of the State of Texas,
    2-5  74th Legislature, hereby extend hearty congratulations to award
    2-6  winner Dave McDermand for his excellent photographic work in the
    2-7  Bryan Eagle and extend to him best wishes for continued success
    2-8  in his future endeavors; and, be it further
    2-9        RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution be prepared for
   2-10  Mr. McDermand as a memento of his outstanding accomplishments.
   2-11                               ______________________________________
   2-12                                       President of the Senate
   2-13                                    I hereby certify that the above
   2-14                               Resolution was adopted by the Senate
   2-15                               on April 12, 1995.
   2-16                               ______________________________________
   2-17                                       Secretary of the Senate
   2-18                               ______________________________________
   2-19                                        Member, Texas Senate