Austin, Texas

                           FISCAL NOTE
                       74th Regular Session

                          March 28, 1995

 TO:     Honorable Clyde Alexander, Chair       IN RE:  House Bill No. 2180
         Committee on Transportation                    By: Horn
         House of Representatives
         Austin, Texas

FROM: John Keel, Director

In response to your request for a Fiscal Note on House Bill No.
2180 (Relating to financial assistance for aviation facilities
development.) this office has determined the following:

The bill would allow, in the case of an emergency, the Executive
Director of the Department or his or her designee to award a loan
or grant in accordance with rules adopted by the Commission
without holding a public hearing.  An emergency would be any
situation or condition at a general aviation airport which
requires immediate attention due to an existing unsafe condition.
The unsafe condition would be of sufficient concern to require
the filing of a Notice to Airman with the Federal Aviation

No fiscal implication to the State is anticipated.

The fiscal implication to  units of local government cannot be

Source:   Department of Transportation
          LBB Staff: JK, ML, DF