Austin, Texas

                           FISCAL NOTE
                       74th Regular Session

                           May 19, 1995

 TO:     Honorable Rodney Ellis, Chair          IN RE: Committee Substitute
         Committee on Intergovernmental         for
         Relations                                             House Bill
         Senate                                 No. 3232
         Austin, Texas                                  By: Price

FROM: John Keel, Director

In response to your request for a Fiscal Note on House Bill No.
3232 (Relating to the election of commissioners of the Port of
Beaumont Navigation District of Jefferson County.) this office
has determined the following:

No fiscal implication to the State is anticipated.

Because the bill would not have statewide impact on units of
local government of the same type or class, no comment from this
office is required by the rules of the House/Senate as to its
probable fiscal implication on units of local government.


Source:   LBB Staff: JK, BR, RR