H.C.R. No. 94
                              HOUSE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION
    1-1        WHEREAS, The State of Texas has traditionally recognized a
    1-2  variety of official state symbols that embody the proud spirit and
    1-3  rich heritage of our state; and
    1-4        WHEREAS, The bluebonnet, the Guadalupe bass, and the
    1-5  mockingbird are examples of natural specimens that serve to
    1-6  symbolize the great diversity of the Texas landscape, while the
    1-7  state dish, chili, fittingly represents another aspect of our
    1-8  shared culture as Texans; and
    1-9        WHEREAS, In keeping with this custom, the designation of the
   1-10  monarch butterfly as the official State Insect of Texas will
   1-11  provide suitable recognition for this regal inhabitant of the Lone
   1-12  Star State; and
   1-13        WHEREAS, The monarch butterfly, known to scientists as Danaus
   1-14  plexippus, is a familiar and thrilling sight to Texans who play
   1-15  host to this beautiful insect each year as it travels southward
   1-16  toward the equator; its distinctive rust-colored wings, marked by
   1-17  black veins and two rows of white spots, make the monarch butterfly
   1-18  instantly recognizable to all; and
   1-19        WHEREAS, This stately creature is also renowned for its
   1-20  unique ability to evade predators; its main source of nourishment,
   1-21  the milkweed plant, contains a form of poison that makes the
   1-22  monarch butterfly unpalatable to birds and other hungry critters;
   1-23  and
   1-24        WHEREAS, Like Texas, the monarch butterfly has inspired
    2-1  imitators but remains in a league all its own; the viceroy
    2-2  butterfly, whose wings closely resemble those of the monarch,
    2-3  manages to avoid being eaten by relying on the reputation of its
    2-4  more deadly cousin; and
    2-5        WHEREAS, One of the heartiest and most resolute members of
    2-6  the insect kingdom, the monarch butterfly migrates nearly 2,000
    2-7  miles southward each year in its quest to find a warmer home for
    2-8  the winter, descending on the State of Texas for one last rest and
    2-9  feeding before it embarks on the final leg of its journey to the
   2-10  mountains of Mexico; and
   2-11        WHEREAS, The Lone Star State also holds the distinction of
   2-12  being the birthplace of this imperial insect; each spring the skies
   2-13  over Texas are filled with excitement and color as many thousands
   2-14  of these tiny creatures return to the site of their own nativity to
   2-15  give birth to a new generation; and
   2-16        WHEREAS, Recognizing this butterfly's great affinity for our
   2-17  state, the National Monarch Project has designated the Abilene
   2-18  Zoological Gardens as the first official sanctuary along the
   2-19  eastern migration path, and Texans everywhere can take immense
   2-20  pride in the special tie that we share with this magnificent
   2-21  creature; and
   2-22        WHEREAS, The monarch butterfly is as beautiful and memorable
   2-23  as a Texas sunset, soaring above all other insects in its nobility
   2-24  and determination, and its unique relationship with Texas makes it
   2-25  a truly appropriate symbol of the majestic spirit of the Lone Star
   2-26  State; now, therefore, be it
   2-27        RESOLVED, That the 74th Legislature of the State of Texas
    3-1  hereby designate the monarch butterfly as the official State Insect
    3-2  of Texas.