Amend HB 566 as follows:
      Strike SECTION 2 of the bill (engrossed version, page 2,
lines 6-25) and substitute the following:
      SECTION 2.  Subchapter I, Chapter 466, Government Code, is
amended by adding Section 466.4075 to read as follows:
LOTTERY WINNINGS.  (a)  This section applies only to a prize that
is required to be awarded by the director under Section 466.402(b).
      (b)  The executive director shall deduct an amount a court
has ordered to pay as delinquent from a person's winnings if the
executive director has been provided with a certified copy of a
court order and a notice of child support lien for delinquent child
support created under Subchapter G, Chapter 157, Family Code.
      (c)  If a person's winnings exceed the amount deducted under
Subsection (b) and any other section of this chapter allowing a
deduction from the winnings of a lottery winner, the executive
director shall pay the balance to the person.  The executive
director shall transfer the money deducted under Subsection (b) to
the appropriate person.
      (d)  The commission shall adopt rules necessary to administer
this section.