C.S.H.B. 160
By: Rodriguez
Committee Report (Substituted)


The Apprenticeship and Training Advisory Committee (Committee) existed for
nearly two decades; during the 73rd Legislative session it was abolished
and its duties were assumed by the Texas Council on Workforce and Economic
Competitiveness (TCWEC).  The apprenticeship training programs are
currently represented by one person on TCWEC.  Individuals involved with
apprenticeship training programs assert that they need more
representation.  They believe the Committee should be recreated and placed
under the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC), because TWC's mission more
closely parallels the goals of the apprenticeship programs.   


H. B. 160 will reinstate the Apprenticeship and Training Advisory
Committee as a formal technical advisory group to provide advice on issues
related to apprenticeship training in Texas under the Texas Workforce


It is the committee's opinion that this bill does not expressly grant any
additional rulemaking authority to a state officer, department, agency or


SECTION 1.Amends Section 133.001 of the Education Code by amending
Subdivision (5) and by adding Subdivisions (7) and (8).  Subdivision (5)
is amended to clarify that the Texas Employment Commission is now the
Texas Workforce Commission. Subdivisions (7) and (8) identifies and
defines "advisory committee" and "executive director." 

SECTION 2.Amends Chapter 133 of the Education Code by adding Sections
133.010 and 133.011.  Section 133.010 creates the Apprenticeship and
Training Advisory Committee, outlines the membership requirements of
fifteen members, specifies that anyone required to register under Chapter
305, Government Code, is ineligible to serve, terms for members, and
provisions for filling vacancies.  Section 133.011 delineates the powers
and duties of the advisory committee.  Subsection (a) states that the
advisory committee shall recommend and evaluate a plan for the statewide
development of training.  Subsection (b) lays out meeting requirements for
the committee.  Subsection (c) states that a member of the committee is
not entitled to compensation for service or expenses incurred during
service.  Subsection (d) states  that the committee is not subject to
Article 6252-33, Revised Statutes. 

 Section 133.011 delineates the powers and duties of the advisory
committee.  Sec. 133.001(a) states the committee shall recommend and
evaluate a statewide plan for the development of  apprenticeship training.
Subsection (b) instructs the committee to meet at least twice a year, and
stipulates how the committee is to meet in the event of an emergency.
Subsection (c) states that members are eligible for reimbursement of
actual and reasonable expenses incurred while performing functions as a
committee member.  Subsection (d) exempts the advisory committee from
Article 6252-33, Revised Statutes. 

SECTION 3.Amends Section 2308.102(c) of the Government Code, by deleting
mention of the Apprenticeship and Training Advisory Committee, thereby
removing TCWEC's responsibility to act as the Apprenticeship and Training
Advisory Committee. 

SECTION 4.Repeals Section 11.17, Chapter 655, Acts of the 74th
Legislature, Regular Session, 1995. 

SECTION 5.Clarifies that a person who served as a member of the
Apprenticeship and Training Advisory Committee before it was abolished in
1993 is eligible to serve in this committee.  Additionally, it outlines
the length of the terms of the members. 

SECTION 6.Lays forth the requirement that the committee deliver a copy of
the initial plan described in Section 133.011 (a), Education Code, to the
governor, lieutenant governor, the speaker of the house of
representatives, and the executive director of the Texas Workforce

SECTION 7. Effective date.

SECTION 8.  Emergency clause.


SECTION 1 of CSHB 160 changes the advisory committee makeup from 21 to 15
members, to better reflect management and labor involvement in
apprenticeship training. 

SECTION 2 of CSHB 160 removes reimbursement for committee member travel.

SECTION 6 of CSHB 160 is added to require the committee to deliver a copy
of the apprenticeship training program plan to the designated state