Senate Research Center   H.B. 1428
By: Stiles (Galloway)
State Affairs


On January 10, 1901, Spindletop Oil Field struck oil and changed the
course of history in Southeast Texas and around the state.  As  the first
major oil field discovered in Texas, Spindletop broke John D.
Rockefeller's Standard Oil 40-year monopoly of the petroleum industry.
Spindletop initiated the search for oil throughout Texas and the
Southwest, and the spinoffs of Spindletop became Texaco and Gulf Oil. 

January 10, 2001, will be the 100-year anniversary of the Spindletop
discovery and festivity ideas are already in the works.  In order to
assure a well-organized celebration of not only Spindletop's anniversary
but also a century of Texas economic, social, and political history based
on oil, a statewide oversight commission to coordinate events is

This bill would create the Spindletop Centennial Celebration Commission
(Spindletop 2001 Commission) composed of members from around the state to
coordinate Spindletop's historic anniversary.  


As proposed, H.B. 1428 creates the Spindletop Centennial Celebration


Rulemaking authority is granted to the Spindletop Centennial Celebration
Commission in SECTION 5 of this bill. 


SECTION 1. COMMISSION.  Provides that the Spindletop Centennial
Celebration Commission (Spindletop 2001 Commission) is a state agency, and
sets forth the composition of the commission. Sets forth provisions for ex
officio members of the commission.  Sets forth the duties of the members
of the board.  Sets forth requirements for appointment to the commission
and other provision regarding the administration of the board.   

SECTION 2. TERMS.  Sets forth provisions regarding the terms of public
members of the commission. 

SECTION 3. OFFICERS. Sets forth provisions regarding a presiding officer
of the commission. 

SECTION 4. COMPENSATION.  Set forth the entitlement provisions for
compensation for public members and ex officio members. 

SECTION 5. MEETINGS.  Requires the commission to meet at the call of the
presiding officer and as provided by commission rule.  Requires scheduled
meetings to be held at the Texas Energy Museum in Beaumont.  Authorizes
special meetings to be held at other locations in the state.   

SECTION 6. POWERS AND DUTIES.  Sets forth the powers and duties of the

SECTION 7. FINAL REPORT.  Requires the commission to file with the
secretary of state a final  report verified by a certified public
accountant that contains certain information.   

SECTION 8. INITIAL TERMS.  Provides that the terms of the initial public
members appointed to the commission expire February 1, 1999. 

SECTION 9. EXPIRATION.  Provides that this Act expires and the commission
is abolished March 31, 2002. 

SECTION 10. Emergency clause.
  Effective date:  upon passage.