By Lewis of Tarrant                                  H.C.R. No. 255

         75R14770 JTR-D                           

                             HOUSE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION

 1-1           WHEREAS, Since its inception in 1996, the Resource Connection

 1-2     of Tarrant County has established itself as both a valuable asset

 1-3     to the community and a positive harbinger of future developments in

 1-4     human services in Texas; and

 1-5           WHEREAS, The Resource Connection was designed as a one-stop

 1-6     access point to a wide variety of service agencies, enabling

 1-7     customers to apply for the services they need while making

 1-8     efficient use of their time, and by connecting participating

 1-9     services via computer, this new system greatly reduces redundant

1-10     paperwork; and

1-11           WHEREAS, One of the first of its kind in the nation, the

1-12     center offers individuals seeking educational, employment, housing,

1-13     health, and other services a noteworthy alternative for gaining

1-14     access to these resources, which include state agencies, Tarrant

1-15     County agencies, and programs of the Fort Worth Independent School

1-16     District; and

1-17           WHEREAS, The multipurpose facility is slated to serve as a

1-18     learning center as well, with particular emphasis placed on the

1-19     health and human services professions, and students in these

1-20     programs will undoubtedly gain valuable firsthand knowledge in

1-21     their chosen fields while fulfilling their academic requirements;

1-22     and

1-23           WHEREAS, The movement to streamline government services has

1-24     produced a number of noteworthy innovations, and the success of the

 2-1     Resource Connection of Tarrant County will point the way as cities

 2-2     and counties across the Lone Star State rethink traditional

 2-3     approaches to human services access; now, therefore, be it

 2-4           RESOLVED, That the 75th Legislature of the State of Texas

 2-5     hereby recognize the Resource Connection of Tarrant County as a

 2-6     model human services center and extend to all those involved with

 2-7     the project sincere best wishes for continued success in the years

 2-8     to come.