By Telford                                        H.R. No. 36

      75R4034 JHS-D                           

                                 R E S O L U T I O N

 1-1           WHEREAS, The passing of the Honorable Winford Lee Dunn, Sr.,

 1-2     of Texarkana on October 31, 1995, at the age of 87, brought a great

 1-3     loss to the family and many friends of this esteemed gentleman; and

 1-4           WHEREAS, Born April 6, 1908, in Oak Grove, Mr. Dunn was

 1-5     graduated from De Kalb High School and attended East Texas State

 1-6     University at Commerce before embarking on a 35-year career as a

 1-7     public school teacher at the age of 18; and

 1-8           WHEREAS, Mr. Dunn's teaching career was temporarily disrupted

 1-9     when he was called to serve his country during World War II; at the

1-10     conclusion of his service, he balanced his teaching duties with his

1-11     responsibilities as a member of the Texas  House of

1-12     Representatives, where he coauthored many landmark bills, including

1-13     one that proposed lowering the voting age to 18; and

1-14           WHEREAS, Following his long and productive tenure as a

1-15     teacher and state representative, he served two terms as a justice

1-16     of the peace for Bowie County, and although he supported his family

1-17     for a time as a farmer, rancher, and grocery store owner, Mr. Dunn

1-18     is perhaps best remembered for his years of service as both an

1-19     educator and a servant of the people; and

1-20           WHEREAS, A devout Christian, Mr. Dunn was a longtime member

1-21     of Hardy Memorial United Methodist Church, where he was on the

1-22     Board of Stewards and served as president of the Jack House Bible

1-23     Class; he was recognized among his fellow parishioners as a man of

1-24     honesty and integrity whose positive attitude, even in the face of

 2-1     adversity, inspired a similar outlook among his family and friends;

 2-2     and

 2-3           WHEREAS, Winford Lee Dunn, Sr., was a man of great faith and

 2-4     compassion, and his strength of character enabled him to instigate

 2-5     many remarkable changes in his life and the lives of others;

 2-6     although his guidance and devotion have been sorely missed, his

 2-7     unique spirit surely lives on in the hearts of those who knew him;

 2-8     now, therefore, be it

 2-9           RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 75th Texas

2-10     Legislature hereby pay tribute to the life of the Honorable Winford

2-11     Lee Dunn, Sr., and extend sincere sympathy to his family and

2-12     friends: to his sons, Winford L. Dunn, Jr., and his wife, Annette,

2-13     and James M. Dunn; to his daughter, Capitaleen Dunn; to his

2-14     brothers and sister-in-law, Judge T. M. Dunn, and L. C. and Frances

2-15     Dunn; to his sister-in-law, Ruby Dunn; to his close friend, Agnes

2-16     Holt; to his grandchildren, nieces, and nephews; and to the many

2-17     other people whose lives were touched by this beloved gentleman;

2-18     and, be it further

2-19           RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be

2-20     prepared for the members of his family and that when the Texas

2-21     House of Representatives adjourns this day, it do so in memory of

2-22     the Honorable Winford Lee Dunn, Sr.