By Junell                                              H.R. No. 708

         75R12884 BNL-D                           

                                 R E S O L U T I O N

 1-1           WHEREAS, Gilbert Turrieta has reached a memorable milestone

 1-2     in his life with the occasion of his 40th birthday on April 23,

 1-3     1997, and the members of this chamber are pleased to have this

 1-4     opportunity to give him the recognition he deserves; and

 1-5           WHEREAS, A native of El Paso, Mr. Turrieta was born to Jose

 1-6     and Maria Elena Turrieta a mere four decades ago, and he was

 1-7     undoubtedly a model brother to his sisters Norma Turrieta Ayala and

 1-8     Nancy Turrieta, although they could not be reached for comment; an

 1-9     accomplished athlete during his youth, he did not allow his

1-10     interest in football, baseball, and basketball to distract him from

1-11     his educational goals, and he went on to earn a bachelor's degree

1-12     in finance and accounting from the University of North Texas; and

1-13           WHEREAS, Mr. Turrieta then embarked on a distinguished career

1-14     that has included tenures with the Legislative Budget Board, the

1-15     Texas Medical Association, and the Houston Chamber of Commerce, and

1-16     he has given freely of his time to a number of worthwhile community

1-17     organizations, including Seton Forum, the Austin Lyric Opera, the

1-18     Live Oak Theatre Board, and many others; and

1-19           WHEREAS, Despite his busy schedule, Mr. Turrieta has always

1-20     found time to pursue a variety of hobbies, such as jogging,

1-21     hunting, fishing, and traveling, but he has recently eschewed these

1-22     sedate leisure activities in favor of hitting the open road on his

1-23     new Harley-Davidson motorcycle; certainly none of his friends in

1-24     this chamber would suggest that he has gone "middle-aged crazy,"

 2-1     but perhaps this is an opportune time for them to remind him that

 2-2     power ties and leather jackets just don't match; and

 2-3           WHEREAS, Also known as "Pony," "Pench," "Lefty," and

 2-4     "Poncho," Mr. Turrieta has accumulated more aliases than a bank

 2-5     robber, and although no proof has emerged to indicate that these

 2-6     nicknames are indicative of a lawbreaking nature, associates of

 2-7     Mr. Turrieta would be well advised to watch for his face on

 2-8     America's Most Wanted and Unsolved Mysteries, just in case; he has

 2-9     further made a name for himself in the ranching  industry, but

2-10     sadly, it may not be one he would have chosen for himself, as his

2-11     specialty seems to be buying cattle high and selling low; and

2-12           WHEREAS, Gilbert Turrieta is well known for his many fine

2-13     achievements and sterling qualities, and chief among these

2-14     qualities is his admirable sense of humor; the good-natured jests

2-15     included in this tribute are not intended to eclipse its sentiment,

2-16     for the members of this chamber are sincere in offering their good

2-17     wishes to Mr. Turrieta on this special day; now, therefore, be it

2-18           RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 75th Texas

2-19     Legislature hereby honor Gilbert Turrieta on the occasion of his

2-20     40th birthday and extend to him warmest best wishes for continued

2-21     success and happiness in the years to come; and, be it further

2-22           RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be

2-23     prepared for Mr. Turrieta as an expression of high regard by the

2-24     Texas House of Representatives.