By Chavez                                             H.R. No. 1091

         75R15857 JTR-D                           

                                 R E S O L U T I O N

 1-1           WHEREAS, The Lone Star State is known around the world for

 1-2     its abundant variety of natural resources, and through the years

 1-3     generations of Texans have enjoyed the state's many parks and

 1-4     public recreation areas; and

 1-5           WHEREAS, Established in 1993, the Texas Recreation & Parks

 1-6     Account program was designed to foster the development and

 1-7     acquisition of these precious assets, and eligible local

 1-8     governments seeking to create public recreation areas may apply to

 1-9     the account for 50 percent matching grant assistance; and

1-10           WHEREAS, The grants are awarded by the Texas Parks and

1-11     Wildlife Commission, and recipients are selected based on need as

1-12     determined through local planning efforts and on other issues

1-13     identified in public hearings; and

1-14           WHEREAS, Typical of projects that benefit from this program

1-15     is Ascarate Regional Park in El Paso County, the area's largest

1-16     recreational park; funds from the parks account program would

1-17     enable a number of major improvements to be made to the park,

1-18     including a jogging trail, children's playgrounds, picnic units,

1-19     and tennis and basketball courts; and

1-20           WHEREAS, Public parks and recreational areas benefit Texans

1-21     from all walks of life across the state, and the contributions of

1-22     the Texas Recreation & Parks Account program to our common heritage

1-23     are indeed worthy of special praise and recognition; now,

1-24     therefore, be it

 2-1           RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 75th Texas

 2-2     Legislature hereby commend the Texas Recreation & Parks Account

 2-3     program and extend to all those associated with it sincere best

 2-4     wishes for continued success in the future.