By Junell                                             H.R. No. 1182

         75R17146 PB-D                           

                                 R E S O L U T I O N

 1-1           BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives of the State

 1-2     of Texas, 75th Legislature, Regular Session, 1997, That House Rule

 1-3     13, Section 9(a), be suspended in part as provided by House Rule

 1-4     13, Section 9(f), to enable the conference committee appointed to

 1-5     resolve the differences on House Bill No. 768 to consider and take

 1-6     action on the following matter:

 1-7           House Rule 13, Section 9(a)(4), is suspended to permit the

 1-8     committee to add text to Section 451.002(c), Labor Code, to read as

 1-9     follows:

1-10           (c)  The burden of proof in a proceeding under this section

1-11     is on the employee to establish that an action of the employee

1-12     protected under Section 451.001 was a substantial cause of the

1-13     discrimination.

1-14           Explanation:  This change is necessary to clarify the burden

1-15     of proof in certain workers' compensation cases alleging

1-16     discrimination.