By Truan                                        S.B. No. 1041

      75R1128 CLG-D                           

                                A BILL TO BE ENTITLED

 1-1                                   AN ACT

 1-2     relating to the creation, powers, and duties of the International

 1-3     Trade Task Force and the promotion and development of international

 1-4     trade.


 1-6           SECTION 1.  Subchapter D, Chapter 481, Government Code, is

 1-7     amended by adding Sections 481.062 and 481.063 to read as follows:

 1-8           Sec. 481.062.  INTERNATIONAL TRADE TASK FORCE.  (a)  The

 1-9     International Trade Task Force is created in the department to

1-10     advise and assist the department in promoting and developing

1-11     international trade.

1-12           (b)  The task force is composed of:

1-13                 (1)  a representative of the governor's office,

1-14     appointed by the governor;

1-15                 (2)  a representative of the secretary of state's

1-16     office, appointed by the secretary of state;

1-17                 (3)  a representative of the Texas Education Agency,

1-18     appointed by the commissioner of education;

1-19                 (4)  a representative of the Texas Higher Education

1-20     Coordinating Board, appointed by the commissioner of education;

1-21                 (5)  the executive director of the department;

1-22                 (6)  a state representative, appointed by the speaker

1-23     of the house of representatives;

1-24                 (7)  a state senator, appointed by the lieutenant

 2-1     governor;

 2-2                 (8)  four representatives of a community development

 2-3     board, appointed by the department;

 2-4                 (9)  three members who are chairpersons of a district

 2-5     export council, appointed by the department;

 2-6                 (10)  four members who are directors of an

 2-7     International Trade Center - Small Business Development Center

 2-8     regional office in the state, appointed by the department; and 

 2-9                 (11)  nine representatives of the public with

2-10     significant international experience, five of whom are appointed by

2-11     the governor, two of whom are appointed by the speaker of the house

2-12     of representatives, and two of whom are appointed by the lieutenant

2-13     governor.

2-14           (c)  The membership of the task force must reflect the ethnic

2-15     and geographical diversity of this state.  In making the

2-16     appointments under Subsections (a)(8) and (10), the department

2-17     shall appoint members who come from different geographic regions of

2-18     this state.

2-19           (d)  International experience for purposes of making an

2-20     appointment under Subsection (a)(11) includes international

2-21     experience in trade, direct investment, finance, transportation,

2-22     services, or intellectual property.

2-23           (e)  The executive director of the department shall serve as

2-24     the presiding officer.

2-25           (f)  The task force shall meet monthly at the call of the

2-26     presiding officer or more frequently if the members of the task

2-27     force  consider it necessary.

 3-1           (g)  Article 6252-33, Revised Statutes, other than Section

 3-2     2(a) of that article, applies to the task force.

 3-3           Sec. 481.063.  STRATEGIC PLAN FOR INTERNATIONAL TRADE.  (a)

 3-4     In addition to the duties prescribed by Section 481.062, the task

 3-5     force shall develop a strategic plan to promote and develop

 3-6     international trade.  The plan must include state goals for export

 3-7     of goods and services, the attraction of foreign investment, and

 3-8     increased foreign representation.

 3-9           (b)  In developing the plan, the task force shall:

3-10                 (1)  address funding for international trade, foreign

3-11     representation, infrastructure, business services relating to

3-12     international trade, and the operations and administration of the

3-13     department;

3-14                 (2)  develop informational, educational, referral,

3-15     training, and related support services for businesses in this state

3-16     that want to engage in international trade activities;

3-17                 (3)  identify strategies to promote the trade

3-18     development of this state; and

3-19                 (4)  develop informational and technical assistance on

3-20     export opportunities and techniques for use by businesses domiciled

3-21     in this state.

3-22           (c)  Not later than September 1, 1998, the task force shall

3-23     complete the plan required by Subsection (a) and submit the plan to

3-24     the department.

3-25           (d)  Not later than February 1, 1999, the department shall

3-26     adopt a strategic plan to promote and develop international trade

3-27     in this state.  In adopting the plan, the department shall consider

 4-1     the plan submitted by the task force under Subsection (c).

 4-2           (e)  This section expires December 1, 2000.

 4-3           SECTION 2.  If the duties of the Texas Department of Commerce

 4-4     relating to the promotion and development of international trade in

 4-5     this state are transferred to another state agency or other entity,

 4-6     each reference in Sections 481.062 and 481.063, Government Code, as

 4-7     added by this Act, to the Texas Department of Commerce is a

 4-8     reference to the state agency or other entity to which the duties

 4-9     are transferred.

4-10           SECTION 3.  Not later than September 1, 2000, the Texas

4-11     Department of Commerce shall submit to the legislature a written

4-12     report on the effectiveness of the plan adopted by the department

4-13     as required by Section 481.063(d), Government Code, as added by

4-14     this Act.

4-15           SECTION 4.  This Act takes effect September 1, 1997.

4-16           SECTION 5.  The importance of this legislation and the

4-17     crowded condition of the calendars in both houses create an

4-18     emergency and an imperative public necessity that the

4-19     constitutional rule requiring bills to be read on three several

4-20     days in each house be suspended, and this rule is hereby suspended.