By:  Zaffirini                                          S.R. No. 58

 1-1                                       1

 1-2                              SENATE RESOLUTION

 1-3                                  In Memory

 1-4                                     of

 1-5                            Ray Marvin Keck, Jr.

 1-6           WHEREAS, The Senate of the State of Texas joins the citizens

 1-7     of Laredo and the entire State of Texas in mourning the loss of

 1-8     prominent citizen Ray Marvin Keck, Jr., who died January 12, 1997;

 1-9     and

1-10           WHEREAS, Born on April 24, 1923, to Ray Marvin Keck and

1-11     Imogene Lacey Keck, Ray Keck was graduated from Cotulla High School

1-12     in 1940 and attended The University of Texas at Austin; and

1-13           WHEREAS, When World War II broke out, he volunteered to

1-14     serve his country and participated in the D-Day invasion; and

1-15           WHEREAS, Before he left for the war, he was united in a

1-16     lasting marriage to Joyce Littlepage Keck on September 18, 1943;

1-17     and

1-18           WHEREAS, In 1946, Mr. Keck returned to The University of Texas

1-19     to earn a bachelor's degree in business administration, majoring

1-20     in finance and banking; and

1-21           WHEREAS, Mr. Keck entered the training program for future

1-22     officers at the Alamo National Bank, became vice president and

1-23     director of the Stockmen's National Bank in Cotulla, and later

 2-1     became president and chairman of the board of the bank; and

 2-2           WHEREAS, A well-known banker, Mr. Keck acquired a controlling

 2-3     interest in the Union National Bank in Laredo, moving there in

 2-4     1967 to become president and chairman of the board; in 1977, he

 2-5     organized the South Texas National Bank in Laredo, serving as its

 2-6     first chairman of the board and president; and

 2-7           WHEREAS, Excelling in all his endeavors, Ray Keck was a

 2-8     skillful musician and was dedicated to the Methodist Church; he

 2-9     was choir director, board member, and trustee of the First United

2-10     Methodist Church of Laredo; and

2-11           WHEREAS, Elected to the Junior Achievement Hall of Fame for

2-12     his civic participation, Mr. Keck was a Scottish Rite 32nd Degree

2-13     Mason, former director of the South Texas Chamber of Commerce, and

2-14     president of the Washington's Birthday Association; and

2-15           WHEREAS, A devoted husband, father, and grandfather, he leaves

2-16     memories which will be treasured always by his family and

2-17     innumerable friends; now, therefore, be it

2-18           RESOLVED, That the Senate of the State of Texas,

2-19     75th Legislature, hereby extend sincere condolences to the members

2-20     of his family:  his wife, Joyce Littlepage Keck; his children,

2-21     Ray M. Keck III and his wife, Patricia, and John Harrison Keck and

2-22     his wife, Cecilia; and his six grandchildren; a third son,

2-23     James Randal Keck, preceded his father in death in 1978; and, be

2-24     it further

2-25           RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution be prepared for

 3-1     his family as an expression of the deepest sympathy of the

 3-2     Texas Senate, and that when the Senate adjourns this day, it

 3-3     do so in memory of Ray Keck, Jr.

 3-4                                  ______________________________________

 3-5                                         President of the Senate

 3-6                                       I hereby certify that the above

 3-7                                  Resolution was adopted by the Senate

 3-8                                  on January 27, 1997, by a rising vote.

 3-9                                  ______________________________________

3-10                                         Secretary of the Senate

3-11                                  ______________________________________

3-12                                           Member, Texas Senate