By:  Bivins, Duncan                                    S.R. No. 127

 1-1     By:  Bivins, Duncan                                    S.R. No. 127

 1-2                              SENATE RESOLUTION

 1-3           WHEREAS, On Tuesday, February 25, 1997, Midland-Odessa Day

 1-4     will be celebrated by the proud citizens of these two cities in

 1-5     recognition of the cities' contributions to the State of Texas;

 1-6     and

 1-7           WHEREAS, The cities of Odessa and Midland are situated in

 1-8     the Permian Basin, where huge deposits of oil and natural gas were

 1-9     discovered in the 1920s; and

1-10           WHEREAS, Established in 1881, Odessa was selected as a stop

1-11     on the Texas and Pacific Railroad that year; the oil boom in 1929

1-12     greatly increased the population; and

1-13           WHEREAS, Located partly in Midland County and mainly in

1-14     Ector County, Odessa is the home of Odessa College and

1-15     The University of Texas of the Permian Basin; and

1-16           WHEREAS, Midland was founded in 1885 by Midwestern farm

1-17     families, and it was named because it was halfway between

1-18     Fort Worth and El Paso; it is home to the famed Confederate

1-19     Air Force Museum; and

1-20           WHEREAS, The county seat of Midland County, Midland has

1-21     experienced many booms and busts and has grown into a metropolis

1-22     with a strong educational system, high-rise buildings, and a

1-23     population dedicated to the fine arts; and

 2-1           WHEREAS, The citizens of Midland and Odessa are to be

 2-2     commended for their industriousness and their commitment to a

 2-3     spirit of cooperation which has been shown by their joint effort

 2-4     to build the Midland International Airport and by their naming of

 2-5     the Midland-Odessa Symphony and Chorale; and

 2-6           WHEREAS, It is indeed a pleasure and a privilege for the

 2-7     Texas Senate to honor these outstanding towns and their fine

 2-8     citizens; now, therefore, be it

 2-9           RESOLVED, That the Senate of the State of Texas,

2-10     75th Legislature, hereby extend sincere congratulations to

2-11     the citizens of Odessa and Midland on their special day; and,

2-12     be it further

2-13           RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution be prepared for

2-14     the two cities as a memento of this special day.

2-15                                  ______________________________________

2-16                                          President of the Senate

2-17                                       I hereby certify that the above

2-18                                  Resolution was adopted by the Senate

2-19                                  on February 25, 1997.

2-20                                  ______________________________________

2-21                                          Secretary of the Senate

2-22                                  ______________________________________

2-23                                           Member, Texas Senate

2-24                                  ______________________________________

2-25                                           Member, Texas Senate