By:  Patterson                                         S.R. No. 221

 1-1     By:  Patterson                                         S.R. No. 221

 1-2                              SENATE RESOLUTION

 1-3           WHEREAS, The Senate of the State of Texas takes great

 1-4     pleasure in recognizing Coach Darla Kelly of Pasadena High

 1-5     School, who will be coaching at the World Scholar-Athlete Games

 1-6     at the University of Rhode Island in Newport, Rhode Island, from

 1-7     June 22 through July 2, 1997; and

 1-8           WHEREAS, Modeled on the modern Olympic Games, the World

 1-9     Scholar-Athlete Games originated as a way of gathering outstanding

1-10     young people from all over the world to get to know and understand

1-11     one another through competition and cooperation; and

1-12           WHEREAS, The 1997 World Scholar-Athlete Games will bring

1-13     together 2,200 young scholars who are talented in the arts or

1-14     athletics; the participants will come from all 50 states and

1-15     61 countries around the world; and

1-16           WHEREAS, Students who are competing must be 16 to 19 years

1-17     old, be consistent academic achievers, possess positive leadership

1-18     qualities, and have achieved varsity status, if an athlete, or

1-19     displayed unique ability in the chosen field, if a cultural

1-20     participant; and

1-21           WHEREAS, The scholar-athletes will be placed randomly on

1-22     teams with students and guided by successful coaches, creating

1-23     a situation in which diverse teammates will learn teamwork and

 2-1     understanding; and

 2-2           WHEREAS, A tribute to personal achievement and cultural

 2-3     diversity, the 1997 games will showcase academic achievers from

 2-4     different cultural backgrounds; and

 2-5           WHEREAS, Through experiences on the playing field, in group

 2-6     discussions, or in informal gatherings, each student will become

 2-7     an ambassador of goodwill and sportsmanship; as representatives

 2-8     of their countries, participants will help others understand that

 2-9     which is similar in our cultures; now, therefore, be it

2-10           RESOLVED, That the Senate of the State of Texas,

2-11     75th Legislature, hereby congratulate the students and coaches

2-12     from Sam Rayburn High School and Pasadena High School who will

2-13     take part in the World Scholar-Athlete Games and wish them every

2-14     success; and, be it further

2-15           RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution be prepared for

2-16     Coach Darla Kelly as an expression of the high regard of the

2-17     Texas Senate.

2-18                                  ______________________________________

2-19                                          President of the Senate

2-20                                       I hereby certify that the above

2-21                                  Resolution was adopted by the Senate

2-22                                  on February 20, 1997.

2-23                                  ______________________________________

2-24                                          Secretary of the Senate

2-25                                  ______________________________________

2-26                                           Member, Texas Senate