1-1                          SENATE RESOLUTION NO. 464

        1-2           WHEREAS, The Senate of the State of Texas is proud to honor

        1-3     the memory of Sue Cardwell Turner for her outstanding civic service;

        1-4     and

        1-5           WHEREAS, Established in 1985, the El Paso Commission for

        1-6     Women has sought to ensure that all El Paso women are granted

        1-7     equal rights and responsibilities; the Hall of Fame grew from the

        1-8     need to know that women also receive equal recognition for their

        1-9     achievements; and

       1-10           WHEREAS, Celebrating its 11th year, the nonprofit commission

       1-11     has as one of its goals to recognize the contributions women have

       1-12     made to the El Paso community; and

       1-13           WHEREAS, Posthumously nominated in the civic volunteer

       1-14     category by the Women's Department of the Greater El Paso Chamber

       1-15     of Commerce, Sue Cardwell Turner helped establish the United States

       1-16     Border Patrol Museum and pioneered a cooking show in the 1950s on

       1-17     KROD television; and

       1-18           WHEREAS, A woman of vision who exhibited great strength

       1-19     of character, Sue Cardwell Turner was of great service to her

       1-20     community and the City of El Paso; certainly she is worthy of

       1-21     legislative recognition; now, therefore, be it

       1-22           RESOLVED, That the Senate of the State of Texas,

       1-23     75th Legislature, hereby honor the memory of Sue Cardwell Turner

        2-1     as she is inducted into the El Paso Commission for Women Hall of

        2-2     Fame; and, be it further

        2-3           RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution be prepared for

        2-4     her family as an expression of the highest esteem and regard of

        2-5     the Texas Senate.

        2-6                                                               Shapleigh

        2-7                                  ______________________________________

        2-8                                          President of the Senate

        2-9                                       I hereby certify that the above

       2-10                                  Resolution was adopted by the Senate

       2-11                                  on April 9, 1997.

       2-12                                  ______________________________________

       2-13                                          Secretary of the Senate

       2-14                                  ______________________________________

       2-15                                           Member, Texas Senate