By:  Barrientos                                        S.R. No. 892

                                  SENATE RESOLUTION

 1-1           BE IT RESOLVED by the Senate of the State of Texas, 75th

 1-2     Legislature, Regular Session, 1997, That Senate Rule 12.03 be

 1-3     suspended in part as provided by Senate Rule 12.08 to enable the

 1-4     conference committee appointed to resolve the differences on H.B.

 1-5     No. 966 to consider and take action on the following matters:

 1-6           1.  Senate Rule 12.03(4) is suspended to permit the committee

 1-7     to add a new SECTION 6 to the bill to read as follows:

 1-8           SECTION 6.  Section 31.107, Parks and Wildlife Code, is

 1-9     amended to read as follows:

1-10           Sec. 31.107.  OPERATION OF MOTORBOAT.  No person may operate

1-11     a motorboat of over 15 horsepower on the public waters of this

1-12     state unless the person is 16 [13] years of age or older or:

1-13                 (1)  is accompanied by a person 18 [16] years of age or

1-14     older; or

1-15                 (2)  is at least 13 years of age and has successfully

1-16     passed a boating safety course prescribed and approved by the

1-17     department.

1-18           Explanation:  This change is necessary to increase the age

1-19     limit and modify the requirements for the operation of certain

1-20     motorboats on the public waters of this state.

1-21           2.  Senate Rule 12.03(3) is suspended to permit the committee

1-22     to amend SECTION 7 of the bill, in added Section 31.108(e), Parks

1-23     and Wildlife Code, to read as follows:

 2-1           (e)  An officer or employee of the department shall collect a

 2-2     $5 examination or course fee and forward the fee and any

 2-3     examination documentation to the department not later than the 30th

 2-4     day after the date the examination or course is administered.

 2-5           Explanation:  This change is necessary to permit an officer

 2-6     or employee of the Parks and Wildlife Department to collect a $5

 2-7     fee and forward the fee collected and examination documentation to

 2-8     the department.

 2-9                                  ______________________________________

2-10                                          President of the Senate

2-11                                       I hereby certify that the above

2-12                                  Resolution was adopted by the Senate

2-13                                  on May 27, 1997, by the following

2-14                                  vote:  Yeas 31, Nays 0.

2-15                                  ______________________________________

2-16                                          Secretary of the Senate

2-17                                  ______________________________________

2-18                                            Member, Texas Senate