Austin, Texas
                                   FISCAL NOTE
                               75th Regular Session
                                  May 18, 1997
      TO: Honorable Rodney Ellis, Chair            IN RE:  House Bill No. 2951, Committee Report 2nd House, Substituted
          Committee on Jurisprudence                              By: Thompson
          Austin, Texas
         FROM:  John Keel, Director    
In response to your request for a Fiscal Note on HB2951 ( Relating 
to the provision of inpatient medical services to certain incapacitated 
persons.) this office has detemined the following:
         Biennial Net Impact to General Revenue Funds by HB2951-Committee Report 2nd House, Substituted

No significant fiscal implication to the State is anticipated. 

The bill would amend the Probate Code to allow guardians to 
admit their wards to a public or private in-patient facility 
on a voluntary basis.  Guardians of totally incapacitated persons 
could apply to the court for the same authority; a court could 
issue an order approving the admission after appointing a guardian 
ad litem and holding a hearing.  

The number of individuals 
affected is small and it is anticipated that the costs associated 
with the bill can be absorbed by the Texas Department of Mental 
Health and Mental Retardation.  
No significant fiscal implication to units of local government 
is anticipated.  The vast majority of courts would not need 
to hold additional hearings because the number of individuals 
impacted is small.  
   Source:            Agencies:   655   Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation
                      LBB Staff:   JK ,BB ,PE ,AC