Austin, Texas
                                   FISCAL NOTE
                               75th Regular Session
                                  April 21, 1997
      TO: Honorable Ron Wilson, Chair            IN RE:  House Bill No. 3081
          Committee on Licensing & Administrative Procedures                              By: Dunnam
          Austin, Texas
         FROM:  John Keel, Director    
In response to your request for a Fiscal Note on HB3081 ( Relating 
to certain deductions from the compensation paid to lottery 
sales agents.) this office has detemined the following:
         Biennial Net Impact to General Revenue Funds by HB3081-As Introduced
Implementing the provisions of the bill would result in a net 
impact of $0 to General Revenue Related Funds through the biennium 
ending August 31, 1999.
The bill would make no appropriation but could provide the legal 
basis for an appropriation of funds to implement the provisions 
of the bill.
Fiscal Analysis
The bill would amend the Government Code to require the executive 
director of the Texas Lottery Commission to deduct  delinquent 
tax or other money from the compensation paid to a sales agent. 
 The bill would add the Texas Workforce Commission to the agencies 
for which the Texas Lottery Commission currently deducts delinquent 
tax and other money.  Also, the bill would direct the deduction 
from lottery winnings of a person, or the compensation paid 
to a sales agent, any delinquent obligations to the crime victims 
compensation fund or delinquent payment of an order of restitution 
following conviction in a criminal case.
The Texas Lottery Commission estimates that implementation of 
these provisions would require: modifications to the computer 
application for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) at a cost of 
$150,000, in order to make deductions from sales agent compensation; 
an additional 5 full-time equivalent staff postions for retailer 
accountant specialists, a programmer analyst to modify the EFT 
applications, an additional attorney for both the victims of 
crime and workforce provisions; and, an additional accountant 
for implementing provisions regarding the crime victim's compensation 
and restitution debt set offs.  Additional equipment and associated 
capital outlay for the new positions are included in this estimate. 

The probable fiscal implications of implementing the provisions 
of the bill during each of the first five years following passage 
is estimated as follows:
Five Year Impact:
Fiscal Year Probable           Change in Number   
            Savings/(Cost)     of State                                                                   
            from Lottery       Employees from                                                             
            Account/           FY 1997                                                                    
       1998        ($339,033)               5.0                                                      
       1998         (169,003)               5.0                                                      
       2000         (169,003)               5.0                                                      
       2001         (169,033)               5.0                                                      
       2002         (169,033)               5.0                                                      
         Net Impact on General Revenue Related Funds:
The probable fiscal implication to General Revenue related funds 
during each of the first five years is estimated as follows:
              Fiscal Year      Probable Net Postive/(Negative)
                               General Revenue Related Funds
Similar annual fiscal implications would continue as long as 
the provisions of the bill are in effect.
No significant fiscal implication to units of local government 
is anticipated.
   Source:            Agencies:   320   Texas Workforce Commission
                                         362   Texas Lottery Commission
                      LBB Staff:   TH ,PH